Thursday, 20 October 2016

Ideas for beautifying and updating your fixer upper home

When it comes to buying a new home, more and more people are opting for fixer-upper properties. These are properties that are in need of a little TLC and because of this, tend to be more affordable to buy. Fixer-upper properties can range from houses in need of a few small updates to places that need to be completely renovated. They offer you the chance to redesign an old property and transform it into something new. If you’re someone who loves the idea of being able to really make a property their own, a fixer-upper house could ideal for you.

Of course, that being said, it’s important to understand how much of a commitment a fixer-upper can be. You won’t be able to update the space and move in overnight. It will take a while to get your new home into a liveable condition. So it’s important to ensure that you’re okay with that, before taking on a property that’s in need of doing up. Otherwise, you could end up putting money into the project, only to give up on it halfway through.

If everything about doing up a property appeals to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a combination of ideas and inspiration for transforming your fixer-upper home into an amazing space!

Take into account what’s already in place

The first step when it comes to approaching the renovations for a fixer-upper property is seeing what’s already in place. Although you’ll probably want to change things like the flooring and main features, there may be some things that you like and want to keep. Say, for example, the living room of the property has a beautiful marble fireplace complete with a wood burner. You may love this and want to keep it. 
There may be a couple of updates needed to make it usable, such as replacing the glass on the wood burner's doors. So you'll need to make these, but that's about all. Or, say, for instance, the kitchen has a beautiful bi-fold door that can be used to separate it from the dining room or to open up the space. You may love the idea of having a bi-fold door, but the door in place may need to have some features updated. If this is the case, you want to get the pieces that need replacing from a specialist company, such as Debar, for instance. As that way, you know that they’re of a high quality. That’s the important thing when it comes to doing up a property - using high-quality products. As that way, you know that they’re worth the money and will last well!

Get inspired

Once you’ve found out what’s already in place and decided what you would like to keep and what you would like to change, it's important to get inspired. To do up a fixer-upper property, it’s important to have a creative mindset to see beyond what’s there. That’s where inspiration comes in. You see, sometimes it takes seeing what other people have done to their homes to give you the inspiration to update yours. Take the time to have a look online for inspiration. Read blogs, Google different room ideas, and use photo sharing sites like Instagram. Any ideas that you like the sound of note down or save images of. That way, you can refer back to them later on. If nothing takes your fancy, don’t despair, have another look the next day. It can take time to find a decor style that you love, and that’s fine.

Think about the layout

Before you start making updates to the property, take the time to think about the layout. If you’re going to spend time and money doing it up, it’s important to ensure that in every way the property is just how you imagined it would be. Say, for instance, you’ve always wanted a separate kitchen and dining room. However, the property doesn’t have one. You could consider creating one. This could be by changing another room into a dining room, adding a small extension, or by sectioning off part of the kitchen to create a dining room. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to the layout of the property - it’s completely fine to change things up. Just make sure that before you do, you ensure that you can cover the cost of any changes. A great way to do this is to call in a contractor to give you a quote, as this will give you a better idea of how much you’re going to need to spend. If you’ve got the funds available to cover the cost, then go ahead and make any changes that you want to. It’s your home, and it needs to be somewhere that you love.

How will you add a personal touch?

Obviously, transforming an old property into a modern, stylish space allows you to put your own stamp on it. However, to give it that truly personal look and feel, you need to find little ways to add elements of your personality to the property. This could be via the decor that you use, with the furniture that you pick, or with the accessories that you put in place. There are lots of simple ways you can add a personal touch to your home; it’s just a case of taking the time to think about what the best.

Don’t forget the outdoor space

Last but not least, don’t forget about the outdoor space. When it comes to beautifying and updating a fixer-upper property, it’s not just about the interior. It's also about your outdoor space, as well as the exterior of the building. If you want to create a home that’s beautiful inside and out, you need to take the time to think carefully about what you want to do with the exterior. Think paintwork, window trims, door styles, and, of course, the garden itself. 

Take your garden, as an example, in order to make it a nice space, you need to transform it. The problem is that you may not know how to go about it. If you’re stuck for ideas, contact a landscape gardener to come over and take a look. They should be able to give you the inspiration that you need to transform your garden into a beautiful and practical space.

Hopefully, the ideas above will help to make beautifying your fixer-upper home easier!

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