Tuesday, 4 October 2016

An autumn break in Blackpool // Day one - The Blackpool Tower and LightPool

Last week we spent a truly amazing four days in Blackpool. I feel like we've been super indulgent in visiting every month for the last few months but honestly, I can't get enough! I love it there at this time of year..... when other seaside resorts are starting to quieten down over the colder months, Blackpool comes alive and truly sparkles. 

I thought that it would be fun to put together a trip report of our time there. We only had a few days but my gosh, we managed to cram in so much stuff! 

This trip was certainly all about the attractions and for the next few blog posts I want to share these with you! There really is something for everyone, no matter how young or old you are and i'd really love to show that Blackpool can be a wonderful place to take your family. Kiddo asked on the way home "Can we stay here forever?".... I think she's certainly caught the Blackpool bug, just like her mama. There really is no place like it!

So, here we go.... day one! 

We arrived early after an easy journey and spent our morning pottering around the shops in the town centre. Our first stop was the Houndshill shopping centre as The Disney Store was holding a stories with Belle session and we were also on the lookout for new autumn shoes for kiddo so we popped into Clarks. Shopping done, it was time to grab some lunch and pick up our resort passes ready for all the fun we were going to have over the next few days.

If you've not heard of the Blackpool resort pass before, it's a super way of visiting all of the top attractions whilst saving you heaps of money at the same time. We used a resort pass plus which would allow us admission to 9 attractions including Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Zoo, Sandcastle Waterpark and much more. When you consider a wristband for the Pleasure Beach alone costs around £30 on the gate, i'd say the resort pass is blummin' good value for money!

As we were in the centre, we decided that our first attraction would be the Blackpool Tower Eye. That view from the top never gets old, it's such an experience and a must do if you're visiting Blackpool! 

We love the 4D cinema which serves as a prelude before your trip up the tower. It's a full on sensory experience and really brings the history of the tower to life. It's loud and exciting and kiddo loved spotting her favourite circus clown Mooky on the big screen!

The lift up to the top is always surprisingly much quicker than I anticipate. The journey only seems a few seconds before you a thrust out onto a viewing platform at the top. And those views, they are amazing! On a clear day you can spot the Lake District and a whole host of other landmarks. Me though? I'm just as content spotting our car parked in the car park down below!

Kiddo loved pottering around the SkyWalk, a 5cm thick glass floor providing views straight down onto the promenade. I ain't so brave though even though I know it's perfectly safe!

There are another two levels at the top of the tower which you can reach by spiral staircase. These are out in the open air and my goodness, it was w i n d y. Still, we wanted a family selfie right at the top. We could hardly keep our eyes open! 

We spotted the Pleasure Beach and chuckled at how small the Big One looked from the top of the tower....

.... and we admired the recent addition of a bar at the top of the tower which has been set up for the illuminations period. What a great place to grab a drink! After a good look around, it was time to descend back to the bottom where we popped into the coffee shop near the gift shop for a well earned cup of tea!

After that it was time to check into our hotel. Once again we opted for the Big Blue Hotel because honestly, I can't fault it. It's my favourite hotel there! It's clean, dining is exceptional, the family bedrooms are amazing, and the views out onto the Pleasure Beach are perfect for a theme park loving family like ours! 

We spent a while relaxing in the hotel before popping back down to the town centre to find something to eat. A restaurant with a view out onto the promenade. It was beautiful watching the sun set as we ate and then all of a sudden, the promenade lit up with thousands of twinkling lights. Magical!

We spotted the LightPool Village out on the Comedy Carpet and couldn't wait to see what all the fuss was about. 

LightPool returns this year with three brand new 3D projection shows 'Down the Rabbit Hole', 'Enchanted Blackpool' and 'Chasing Stars: Our Adventures in Space' which are beamed onto the Blackpool Tower at regular intervals each evening. It's also running alongside a whole host of other exciting things such as an exhibition over at the Grundy art gallery, "Brilliance" which is a sound and light experience over on Birley Street near the promenade and the LightPool Village where you can buy merchandise, souvenirs and refreshments and you even have the chance to get your picture projected onto the tower. So exciting! 

We picked up a light up wand for kiddo and found a spot to watch the shows....

We managed to catch the first shows that evening, my favourite of which was Enchanted Blackpool which has been created by Illuminations curator Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, his film maker daughter Cecile and the Illimunations design team. It was all very fairy tale-esque, bringing the unique and beautiful architecture of the Blackpool Tower to life. It was stunning!

We also saw the "Chasing Stars: Our Adventures in Space" show which kiddo seemed to much prefer. She absolutely loves anything to do with space and planets! This show was a fact based, sciency type show led by real life astronaut Tim Peake. Again, the show really made use of the Blackpool Tower frontage and virtually sculpted it into something so creative and inspiring. 

After watching a few shows, we decided to jump back in the car to head back to the hotel for a lovely mug of hot chocolate before bedtime. We drove through the illuminations along the promenade, a lovely end to a lovely day!

If you'd like to find out more about the many things to see and do in Blackpool then pop over to the Visit Blackpool website where you'll find everything from details about the illuminations to dining ideas and much, much more! 


  1. I love how much you love Blackpool. Definitely a magical one x x x

    1. It's definetely one of those places, I can't get enough! x

  2. Lovely holiday you had. Its all changed since I was last there

    Julie xxxxxx