Sunday, 25 September 2016

Things I've loved this week // 022

A little Sunday round-up, some of the little things that I've been loving this week!

Spending time with my little lady

Kiddo has had a big week what with trips to the hairdressers, the dentist, her usual classes, mornings at the park, a trip to the seaside and looking around nurseries ready for when she starts attending one after Christmas. She takes absolutely everything in her stride. This girl is a real life angel and I love spending my days with her!
This week her favourite things are singing, mimicking us and reading all the stories. We're still feeling a little poorly so in an afternoon, we've been grabbing a pile of books and snuggling up in my bed for an hour or so. Bliss!

New tattoos

This week I added another two tattoos to my collection. A sad little heart on the back of my ankle to match my other one and an adorable little hula girl on my left calf. I actually have to refrain from looking at Sarah Whitehouse's instagram page sometimes because I just want everything. She's so insanely talented and is an absolute joy to be tattooed by!

A weekend by the sea

Sometimes you've just got to pack your bags and head for the sea and that is precisely what we did this weekend. We spent most of our time on the beach building sandcastles, paddling and kicking a ball around. As it was a kind of last minute thing, we didn't have any plans at all so it was great to just enjoy each others company and enjoy being outdoors. 
Also, last night we enjoyed our first ever Chinese takeaway. I have no idea how I have reached the age of 31 and never had one. But I've done it now.... and it was v good


I am loving these cats that we have been spotting on our local dog walks this week. I have no idea who has put them there. We've spied a few and they do make me chuckle! 

Sweet treats

I don't know if it is the change in weather or my eternal lack of sleep but recently I can't get through the day without devouring something sweet. We picked up these amazing cupcakes at a local market last weekend and they didn't last long at all! Also, jam doughnuts. Flapjack. Homemade cakes. My diet recently has been ridiculous but ya know, I don't really care right now.... whatever gets you through the day, yep?! 

What have you been loving this week? Let me know in a comment below!

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