Friday, 16 September 2016

#DangerousDrives // My tips for driving safely and some facts about driving in Ireland!

I think that it is safe to say that when you become a parent, you become a whole lot more conscious about subjects that you never thought important before as well as constantly facing new worries. Take maintaining a safe and cost effective car for instance. Obviously it is something we have always sought to achieve but since becoming parents, this has become more important to us than ever before.
Whether it’s ensuring that we have the correct car seat installed (and installed properly), making sure we are well prepared for every journey (no matter how small!), holding adequate breakdown cover or sourcing reliable and cheap car insurance. Everything simply has to be spot on!

We are hugely fortunate to live in a city that is surrounded by the beautiful countryside. As lovely as this is though, driving on roads around here can be quite an experience! To go from city driving to narrow country lanes within the space of 20 minutes needs a bit of planning and little things such as knowing the safer routes to take and being prepared for the weather conditions really do help!

Chill car insurance have recently surveyed a group of Irish car drivers to ask them about dangerous driving conditions and road safety and as a result of this, a super infographic has been put together.....

The infographic is a really interesting read and it got me thinking about sharing my top tips for driving safely no matter where you are off to!  

Firstly, make sure the basics are maintained in your car. Think brake fluid, oil, screen wash, tyre pressure and making sure you have enough petrol for your journey. Ensure that child car seats are fitted correctly and children are comfortable. When there are two of us in the car, I always like to sit in the back with kiddo so I can keep her entertained and make sure she is ok!

Next, make sure you plan your journey well. Look at your route beforehand, don’t rely on your satnav (as helpful as they are!). Allow plenty of time for breaks, especially if you are travelling with children! Pack snacks and drinks in case your journey takes longer than expected or you break down. Also keep certain items such as a blanket, a breakdown kit, portable phone charger and a torch just in case you need them.

Finally, ensure that you have the details and phone number of your breakdown cover company handy. Take your phone out with you (make sure it is charged!) and also, it’s always great to let people know where you are going before you leave!

Do you have any top tips for driving safely? Are there any particularly dangerous or difficult routes in your area that you tend to avoid? Let me know in a comment below! 

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