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Unmissable tips for creating an ideal solo travel bucket list

A lot of people love travelling and often have an idea of places they would like to travel to before they die. However, a lot of people don’t always know where the most amazing places are, and they struggle to find that inspiration! Here are some tips for creating an ideal solo travel bucket list....

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Read guidebooks on different countries

One unmissable tip for creating an ideal solo travel bucket list is you need to get reading guidebooks. You will find useful information about each country, and the highlights of visiting the different areas. It can give you more of an in-depth knowledge of the area and whether it should be on your bucket list. Guidebooks will tell you more about the cities that are less well-known. They may be more beautiful and be full of history that you will certainly want to explore.

Consider experiences you would love to do

Another tip for creating an ideal solo travel bucket list is to consider experiences you would like to do. You need to think of this first before thinking of the country. Want to try skiing or riding a snowmobile? You can search for these and then find all the different places where you can do these experiences. Some travel agencies such as Artisan Travel Company will allow you to search by activities, as well as the country. That way, you may find out about countries you wouldn’t have ever thought of going to which will enable you to do that dream activity!

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Read online travel blogs

An additional tip you need for creating an ideal solo travel bucket list is to read online travel blogs. You will find a lot of advice on unique places to visit that you won’t have been before. It will give you some great inspiration on what to add to your bucket list. Also, as they have been before, they will give reviews on different activities you can do there. That way, you know it’s safe to visit on your own and you will have a great time travelling there. They may mention some tips and tricks so you don’t spend too much as well!

Ask friends where and when to go

Ask friends who have travelled to different areas about their experiences. That way, you may learn about different places you might not have heard before. They will also be able to give you some tips on when the best time of year is to go. It will help you when compiling your list of when to travel to each place.

Think outside the box

As this article explains, you may have some countries in mind to visit such as France, but there may be more authentic and less touristy places to go. For example, why not go to Croatia or Malta instead of the more popular countries. There is so much to do and see there that they should be on your bucket list, but are often missed off in favour of more popular countries!

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Here are some of the ultimate destinations which should be going on your bucket list!

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