Wednesday, 17 August 2016

In photos // Heeley City Farm

Last weekend was one of those where we didn't get out much and ploughed through an enormous 'to do' list instead. Holiday shopping, work in the garden, eBay prepping.... nothing too arduous but nonetheless, still stuff that needed doing sooner or later!

After the task of painting an insane amount of trellis panels in our garden on Sunday morning, I decided i'd had enough. We popped over to Heeley City Farm to enjoy a well earned afternoon eating ice creams, visiting the animals and enjoying the sunshine! The farm is a wonderful place to spend a while, Miss E loves the little park and the cafe serves really good food.... including Our Cow Molly ice cream, yum! 

I thought i'd share a few photographs of our afternoon there. It's clear here that I seem to have taken a shine to all the gorgeous flowers out at the moment!

If you're local and haven't visited Heeley City Farm before then you must give it a go! There's plenty of visiting information on their website and lots more about all the wonderful work they do, not just at the farm but across the city too.


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