Friday, 26 August 2016

How to create a contemporary living space that suits your style

If you’ve owned your flat or house for five or more years, the design choices you made back then may not fit with the lifestyle you lead now. Perhaps when you first bought there wasn’t enough money to then invest in some sleek updates. Or maybe you were happy with how you decorated and designed your rooms. But come the five-year mark, it may be time to step up and make some changes. After all, we update our wardrobe, our hairstyles and our working life every so often, so why shouldn’t we do the same with our house too? Room by room I’m going to take a look at some of the ways you can create a stylish home that reflects the way you live today....


Living Room

Think about what you are trying to achieve in your living room. Do you love an industrial style look or do you prefer neutral colours and plush furnishings? Are you more of a bright coloured kind of person or do you lean more towards Scandinavian style? Think about style and design that make you feel happy and content and use that as your base. 

If you like a feminine style, you will want use fabrics such as velvet, fur and silks to decorate your living room. If you prefer a masculine feel, you may want to opt for darker, richer tones and include mahogany and bronze in your new design. 

If you can’t afford to change your sofa you can always get it reupholstered in fabric that suits your style. This could be anything from velvet to damask or leather to linen. Also, think about the accessories in your living room. If you like a shabby chic look, you can trawl vintage shops for great finds. Of if you want it to be more Hollywood luxe, invest in tall glass vases and fill with fresh cut flowers every week. 

Also, maybe add in a piece of artwork that conveys the mood you want to set. This could be anything from a retro art print to high fashion photography.



This is where a bigger investment comes into play. Kitchens are often left until last as more money is often spent on them. If your kitchen is looking dull and tired though, it’s certainly worth the investment. Not only will it increase the value of your property, but once you have created a contemporary and airy space, you will want to spend more time here. And it can become a hub of socialising, entertaining and getting creative with recipes. 

Fully renovating your kitchen will enable you to create a more open-plan space. Open plan living allows you to embrace cooking, dining and entertaining all-in-one. It's your chance to completely redesign your kitchen to your exact specifications. This could include things such as glass-topped islands, integrated lighting and plush cabinets. Look to places such as for inspiration and ideas!



Your bedroom is your haven, and this is where you should create a relaxing environment to promote sound sleep and rest. Think about colours that keep you calm and soothed. If you are not too sure what colours to go with, a neutral or grey palette will always work well in the bedroom. If your bedroom is looking tired, simple updates can breathe new life into it

Consider changing wardrobe doors and investing in new lighting, both which can create a more luxurious feel. Use different textured of fabrics to bring life to your bedroom. Include Egyptian cotton, linens and voile. Make sure you have both bright lighting and subdued lighting for different effects. And with the bed being the focal point, invest in the best quality bedding you can afford. 

Also, ensure that your mattress is the right firmness for your sleeping needs. Keep this room light, airy and luxurious for a good night’s sleep 365 days a year!

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