Friday, 19 August 2016

Celebration // Zippos Circus turns 30!

I've always had a sort of love affair with the circus, it has to be said. There's just something so magical about it all, I can't get enough. Insanely talented human beings doing things that seem thoroughly impossible to the audience, those sparkling lights, the amazing costumes, the clowns (I love clowns!) the transient nature of it all....  one moment it's there, the next it has packed up and gone on to its next destination. I adore it.

I certainly have my favourite shows and I most definitely have a soft spot for Zippos Circus. It's become a tradition of ours to see their show each year and now Miss E is old enough to sit through a performance, we have been taking her to as many shows as possible! She's quite enchanted by it all and I love that these shows are so accessible for people of all ages. She gets so much out of it, to see her so inspired is truly wonderful.

2016 is an extra special year for Zippos as their circus turns 30. Incidentally, it is also 40 years this year since the story first began when Martin Burton first became the clown Zippo. This year is their 'celebration' tour and my goodness, what a celebration it was! 

We popped down for the opening night of the show as it arrived in Sheffield this week. Doors were open well in advance of the show starting so we were seated nice and early, not before stocking up on those obligatory circus purchases though.... programmes, popcorn and drinks!

The two hour show was incredible, cramming in everything from an aerial daredevil who walked upside down dangling from the roof of the big top (with no safety net whatsoever!), performing cats, an insanely flexible lady named Odka who squeezed her entire body into a tiny bottle and heart stopping knife throwing which had the entire audience on the edge of their seats. The show is an unforgettable and thrilling night out suitable for the entire family, I really do recommend it!

Here are a few of my highlights from the 2016 show....

Norman Barrett, MBE

This years show is once again hosted and led by the 'World's Greatest Ringmaster', Normal Barrett MBE. He's charismatic, immensely talented and his budgie act which sees the brightly coloured birds performing tricks on miniature apparatus is something I don't think I could ever tire of watching. He has real love for what he does, he's a complete legend!

Alex the Fireman

Slapstick comedy at its best. Alex combines comedy, precision and acrobatic talent perfectly in his act. Definitely one that you shouldn't be trying out at home! Kiddo has been talking about the man who's 'head was on fire' ever since we saw the show. We all absolutely loved him! This act is guaranteed to have you crying with laughter. So good!

Duo Galaxy

I'm so pleased to see these guys back again by popular demand. One of the most dangerous and visually thrilling circus acts, the wheel of death is simply incredible. This act is a firm favourite for me but Duo Galaxy take it to another level, performing whilst using skipping ropes, stilts and even a blindfold. Breathtaking, dangerous and completely mesmerising to watch!

Mr Lorenz

A unique clown act, Mr Lorenz is a rather dapper Italian with slicked back hair and groomed moustache. We loved the interactive musical performance using cowbells and multiple members of the audience to recreate a creative and rather genius version of "O Sole Mio". Lorenz is also a super skilled acrobat and juggler, he appears throughout the entire show and is a real joy to watch!

Zippos Circus is currently touring the UK and is in Sheffield (Endcliffe Park, S11 7AB) until Sunday 21st August 2016 so make sure you get your tickets to see this amazing show before they leave! Tickets are available from the circus box office on site or you can book in advance over on the Zippo's website where you can also find venue details, show times and lots more information!

* We were given tickets for the show in exchange for an honest review


  1. wow I haven't been to the circus for years - and this one is older than me! Fun pics x

  2. We saw Zippos Circus at winter wonderland and loved it. Hopefully we'll get to go again! Xx

  3. I have never been to the circus but it looks absolutely fantastic! I'm definitely going to book tickets next time it's close by. I love the sound of all of the performances. x

  4. looks like you had a fab time, I haven't been to the circus for ages, can't wait to take Emily when shes older. x

  5. Amazing review and photography, what camera do you use?xx

  6. Sounds so fun, great write up - I have never been to a circus! Never I really ought to take the girls next time it's in town. x