Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Beautify your first home with these amazing ideas!

Buying your first home can be pretty overwhelming! There will always be plenty of things that you want to change to make it more your own. Many of these things will be cosmetic changes to alter the look and feel of the place. Other changes may include some remodelling work or even installing a new bathroom. These can be big projects to take on. But they are also the most wonderful opportunities for you to flex your creative muscles.

Often, when you first move in, the purchase itself has drained every last penny. You may need to decorate on a budget and only make minor changes. Use the bank holidays to make the most of any DIY store sales. You can pick up good quality paint at a discounted price. You may also be able to buy some soft furnishings too. Don’t be swayed by the price when it comes to picking your palette colours, though. Find a sample of what you’re really looking for and do your best to stick to it.

Inheriting a central heating system can be a scary prospect! One of the most important things you can spend money on in your first month is a boiler service and safety check. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very real threat you need to be safe from. If it’s an old system, you might be tempted to replace a few of the radiators to give your home a more modern and warmer feel. Something like the Phoenix Orla radiator gives you a contemporary, mirrored look. You can even add a heated towel rail for the bathroom!

If you’re looking for a fresh start, why not update the style of your whole home? If your downstairs rooms don’t have coving between the walls and ceiling, you could consider adding it. Coving softens the look of the room and adds to your elegant styling. You can install this yourself if you like. Your local DIY store could even cut it to length for you. When it’s installed, you may want to paint it and the ceiling the same white colour. It will blend better when the shade of white used matches. If you’re feeling very ‘handy’ why not update your skirting boards too? The coving and skirting will frame your rooms beautifully.


Wall decals have recently become a popular way of decorating your walls. You can choose patterns, words, or images to add some extra style to a room. It’s a really good way to add some character, a splash of colour, or just a little detail to a room. They are very inexpensive and quite easy to install. Many designs come in different sizes to suit your space. You could have a curly tree winding its way up your staircase. Or why not a few bubble details to lighten the room?

It doesn’t matter if your budget is big or small. There are plenty of great ideas to bring the beauty of your style into your new home. Why not break your ideas up into little projects that you can tackle over time? Add your own personal touches to make your first home the most beautiful place you’ve ever lived!

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