Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Adding the feminine touch to our bedroom!

When it comes to home decor, i'm quite fortunate that my husband is rather nonchalant about what enters our home. Myself, however? I'm quite partial to those extra embellishments that make a room feel more feminine, homely and comfortable... candles, cushions, flowers, etc! 

Today I wanted to share some ideas that I currently have for our bedroom. The room is currently at it's most minimal as it is potentially the only room in the house that we have successfully stripped away all those unwanted belongings after a long period of de-cluttering. We recently moved a large bookcase from there and also disposed of some unwanted furniture. Our bedroom feels fresher, bigger and more functional now. It's also damn easy to keep clean!

The one thing I don't have though (and have always wanted)? A girly corner complete with dressing table, a mirror and somewhere to store my jewellery. Our bedroom is crying our for a nod towards the feminine side.... and not just for practical reasons! Here are a few things that i'd love to add to our room over the next few months....

Firstly, the dressing table of. my. dreams. I'm into functional furniture with lots of storage, a sturdy build and not too delicate. This Cambridge painted pine single pedestal dressing table from Robson Furniture's selection of dressing tables is just spot on. Feminine yet super sturdy looking. I'd love it with the matching stool and mirror too. Solid enough to last a lifetime, just what i'm looking for. Oh, to have somewhere dedicated to getting ready in the morning!

Now onto accessories! I don't like having too many 'things' out on display in our bedroom but functional items like a radio and consumable items like candles get a big thumbs up from me.

1. ROBERTS Revival iStream 2 Smart DAB/FM radio with internet (link) - I have one of these downstairs in our home and I can't live without internet radio now so this super feminine version would look amazing on the dressing table above whilst being practical too!

2. Star wall light by I Love Retro (link) - This star light is ridiculously pretty! Easier to maintain/keep clean than fairy lights too which I love but hate having up in our house. 

3. True Grace Moroccan Rose classic candle (link) - Candles, a girl like me can never have too many candles! This one is a firm favourite in our house, it's a beautiful feminine scent that fills the entire house easily.  

4. Tom Dixon Tall Spun Vase (link) - Fresh flowers in the bedroom make me so happy. This gorgeous vase would be the ideal vessel to display a graceful, neat display of my favourite blooms. 

Finally, bedding! You know I have a thing about bedding, don't you?!

I'm keen to pick up another set of these pillowcases from Lush Designs because I love them so much. I've had the blue version for years but y'know.... I fancy a change! This bubblegum pink version is playful, girly and very much 'me'!

Tell me, do you have a dressing table in your bedroom? And how have you injected a bit of femininity into your bedroom if you share with your other half? Let me know in a comment below!

* This post contains a sponsored link but all words and opinions are my own

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