Monday, 4 July 2016

#WalkWithWynsors // A day out in Bingley, West Yorkshire

As a family, we love being outdoors. Whether it's walking out in the countryside, exploring new places or simply spending an afternoon at the local park. There's nothing like the freedom of being outside and getting some fresh air. So when Wynsors World of Shoes asked if we'd like to come and spend the day walking and exploring in Bingley, I bookmarked the date in my diary straight away! 

Wynsors have recently launched a brand new outdoors range for all ages, featuring well known brands such as Regatta and Merrell (not just shoes either, there's clothing, accessories and even tents too!) so a day out in the countryside was the ideal way to celebrate this new collection. Wynsors teamed up with Bingley Walkers are Welcome and the Canal & River Trust for this super fun family day out. A perfect collaboration!

The weather forecast might have been a bit rubbish but after stopping off at a supermarket on the way to purchase biggest umbrella we could find (the one thing I forgot to pack in the car!), we were soon ready for our day out. 

We arrived at Bingley train station where we met up with lots of other lovely bloggers and their families as well as the wonderful folk who would be leading our day. 
We were very kindly given some healthy snacks ready for our walk (all Miss E's favourite things, she was a happy bunny!) and the children were given activity packs containing items such as crayons and healthy duck feed (oats!) ready for all those hungry beaks up at the canal. Not many people know that feeding ducks bread is not so great for ducks as it bloats their tummies so this was a nice little reminder for everyone!

Once everyone had arrived, we set off on our canal walk which took us through the North Bog and up to the Five Rise Locks which were spectacular sight to see. They are the steepest staircase locks on the longest canal in the country and I can only imagine what it feels like to pass through them on a boat... absolutely wonderful!

I have never visited Bingley before but I was pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful it was. The whole area is extremely welcoming for walkers, families and dog owners. I'd love to go back and explore it further one day. We spotted plenty of birds and animals along the way too, much to Miss E's delight. A graceful swan, plenty of ducks to feed, bees and cows. None of them seemed bothered by the rain (my goodness, it rained!) and neither was any of our group!

Cedric from Walkers are Welcome kept all of the children entertained too with frog races, funny walk competitions and pointing out lots of interesting things to look at along the way. Keeping our daily walks fun and interesting is something that I do sometimes struggle with (daily walks with a toddler and a dog don't always go to plan!) so these little challenges and fun facts from Cedric really did inspire me to keep inspiring Miss E with her walking.

The walk took about an hour and a half and was a really good length for young children as the paths were generally quite flat and well maintained. Saying that though, we were all feeling quite ready for some lunch when we arrived back into the centre of Bingley! 

We were treated to a yummy buffet lunch upstairs in a private room at the Potting Shed bar which was a really welcoming and family friendly venue in Bingley. The pizza we had was absolutely delicious, as was all of the food. It was a lovely space to relax too, i'd definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself in Bingley!

At the end of the day we were very generously gifted a bag of goodies containing items from Wynsors new outdoors range along with some activity packs from the Canal & River Trust. A lovely end to a lovely day! 

Many thanks to Wynsors, Bingley Walkers are Welcome and the Canal & River Trust for getting together and hosting this wonderful day out! It might have rained but it didn't dampen our spirits and we had such a wonderful time exploring a new area!

If you'd like to find out more from the Canal & River Trust about Bingley and the Five Rise Locks then there are some super helpful information packs over on this page - 


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