Sunday, 31 July 2016

Things I've loved this week // 017

A little Sunday round-up, some of the little things that I've been loving this week!

Fairy Fest North
On Saturday we drove up to Cottingley, home of the Cottingley fairies for a fairy filled day of fun! Fairy Fest North was one of those recommended events that pop up on my Facebook page often so we thought we'd give it a go. It was a really lovely day out, absolutely perfect for little ones! Miss E had a go at baby ballet, she had a fairy makeover complete with wings and glitter, we listened to music, met a mermaid and we even entered Elsie into the fairy dog show! So much fun!

Thornbridge Hall
Our other weekend day was spent a bit closer to home, visiting Thornbridge Hall in the Peak District for their NGS open garden day. Thornbridge Hall is home to the Thornbridge brewery and if you're local, you'll already know how good their beer is (it's amazing!). It's always lovely to see the gardens here, they are absolutely stunning!

I'm one of those nutters who falls in love with bands and has to buy all the music and all the merch. Luckily, Ghost are pretty big on slapping their name on everything so when Papastrello (Ghost wine!) was released, I ordered a bottle in an instant. I've managed to save it for a while but on Friday, I decided to open it. Now it's gone, i'm going to have to buy another bottle..... aren't I?!

A special birthday
Wednesday saw a very special birthday for my grandma and the whole family popped over to her house for a really nice little party in the evening. Miss E had an absolute blast, she loves birthday parties.... especially if they involve lots of cake, balloons and party food!

I've been using the New solid shampoo bar from Lush and it has done wonders for my hair recently, helping it grow and keeping it smelling amazing! I've decided i'm going to let it grow out a bit now and I want to switch up the colour soon too... I did buy a box of my usual dark brown dye recently but i'm tempted to try something a little bit different next. Maybe. We'll see!

What have you been loving this week? Let me know in a comment!


  1. Lovely photos and the fairy fest looks fab! My eldest would love it!! xxx

  2. oh my word I love your phone case!! Great round up of the week x

  3. The Fairy Fest looks like something my little nieces would really enjoy.

  4. Fairy Fest sounds amazing I bet my girls would have loved that! And you've reminded me about Lush's shampoo bars, I used to love them!

  5. Fairy fest sounds amazing. My niece would love something like that!

  6. That fairy fest sounds amazing, my little one would love something like that! Ooh I keep seeing the lush shampoo bars, but the concept blows my mind a little! Will have to give them a whirl xo

  7. What a fab collection of photos, looks like you have had loads of fun recently. The fairy festival looked absolutely fab and sounded so much fun too! My daughter Sophia would have loved that, she loves fairies. xx

  8. I wanted to go to the Fairy Festival but never made it, my girls would love it!