Sunday, 24 July 2016

Things I've loved this week // 016

A little Sunday round-up, some of the little things that I've been loving this week!

We spent part of this week in my favourite place and the whole trip was just so lovely and just what I needed. We managed to squeeze in lots of touristy things as well as spending time on the many beaches and parks around the area. Of course, i'll be writing a proper blog post about our trip very soon! My heart aches so much every time we leave, I don't know what it is about this seaside town.... I just love it so much!

Sunny days
We've experienced a bit of a heatwave in northern England this week and so we've made the most of it by getting the paddling pool out, spending time in the garden and generally just taking it easy!

Pizza Hut
If you know me, you'll know I blummin' love Pizza Hut. Admittedly, we don't visit anywhere near as often as we used to but I think that makes our current meals there more of a treat (calorie wise, at least!). I was super pleased to see that they have recently started doing cocktails on the menu too so we made the most of their happy hour this week by sipping Pina Coladas which I must say, are pretty damn good!

Lord of the Lost
New song, new video..... of course i'm going to include this in my round-up! Counting down the days now until the new album is released.... not long now! My stars, hurry up 29th July!

Local days out
Honestly, I know I say this a lot but I feel so lucky to live in a city that's so green. We popped up to Graves Park at the start of the week and it was mighty hot but my little lady had such fun seeing all the baby animals, going on the bouncy castles and playing in the park. Sheffield is pretty ace.

What have you been loving this week? Let me know in a comment!

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  1. <3 The sun has definitely been shining! Glad you had a fab time in Blackpool :) x x x