Monday, 25 July 2016

The return of I-Spy books!

Do you remember i-SPY books? Well, I certainly have very fond memories of them from my childhood. Many a journey was spent looking out of the window trying to tick off every last item, it was such a great way to pass the time until we reached our destination!

This fantastic series of books has a surprisingly long and varied history and I am sure that there are so many of us who remember owning quite a few of the titles at some point! 
The series began back in 1948 when Charles Warrell began selling small paperbacks in his local Woolworths. The number of titles available to spot steadily increased as the popularity of these books soared. The series was later supported by the News Chronicle during the 1950's, then published by the Daily Mail until the late 1980's, when publication was taken over by Michelin.

I am so pleased to see that these iconic books from Michelin are making a comeback and are once again available to buy. We live in a world that is constantly dominated by technology but i'm rather fond of anything that will encourage children to engage and interact with the world around them. 

We were kindly sent two of the latest titles to try out, i-SPY On A Car Journey and i-SPY At the Airport.

I am forever looking for small but entertaining things to pack for long journeys and these books are very much a winner in my eyes! 

The books are nicely designed with full colour pages, interesting facts and of course, lots and lots of things to spot!

We are off to Florida later this year so i'll certainly be packing the airport book in our bag. Inside this book are things to spot whilst travelling to the airport, boarding, landing and even going through customs. Airports can be super stressful places so I think this book will provide a nice distraction for kiddo, especially as it will be her first time on a plane.

The car journey book is one I plan on keeping in the car. Inside this one is everything from road signs to different types of vehicles as well as interesting buildings, petrol stations and wildlife too!

Once the book has been filled in and you have scored 1000 points (each item to spot will gain you a number of points), you can hop over to the i-SPY website to apply for a certificate and a special badge that will be sent out through the post. Good old fashioned fun, I can't wait to get Miss E started with these books!

Other titles in the series include Creepy Crawlies, In the Garden, Dogs, Cars, Birds and many more.

Take a look at the i-SPY website to discover the full range of titles in this fantastic collection!

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