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Some Of Asia's More Diverse Treats For A Dedicated Wanderer

Travel is a subject that is becoming increasingly close to my heart. I want to fill my days exploring new places and gaining new experiences….. Always. There is so much world out there to see and such little time!

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As stunning as Dubai is - and as endlessly surprising as it can be even after years of living there - the travel bug is something undeniable. It would be a shame to ignore that in Asia alone there are countless places worth visiting. Many of these never used to be considered tourist destinations, but increasingly are becoming so. With little time to spare, these are locations I'm increasingly keen to give a try.

Dubai is blessed in its location, allowing short distance travel to not only Abu Dhabi but also the likes of Qatar. But it is easy to make the mistake of forgetting that there are other locations in Asia that have their own charms. Culturally different as many of them are from the UAE, they are places I've yet to spend time in and am adding to the bucket list.

The first one on the list is China. Which doesn't narrow it down all that much because there is so much of it to see! The main priorities though have to be its cities, and chiefly Beijing and Shanghai. Beijing is home to so much that has to be checked out, such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. And that's before you get to the modern, bustling city of business and hotels it is now.

With China having become a more open society in recent years, Shanghai has also become an interesting spot for a voyager. It has opened up for business in a big way. As a consequence, its historic attractions such as the Yu Garden and Jade Buddha Temple sit alongside modern shopping malls.

In many ways the Dubai of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is also a highly attractive location for a holidaymaker. It takes no time to find out Kuala Lumpur accommodation information online, and then there's a city of wonders. The cityscape is similar to that of Dubai - imposing skyscrapers testament to its business profile. Then a visit to its Chinatown district reminds you that you're in a city with history. It's no wonder it is attracting visitors from all over the world.

A little closer to home, Bahrain is a country that some feel lives in the shadow of its showier neighbour Qatar. A small archipelago, Bahrain still has more than enough attractions to keep any visitor enthralled. Beit Al Qur'an is a fascinating museum housing ancient Quranic manuscripts. The Masjid Al Fateh is one of the largest mosques in the world. Then, once you've taken in some of the more traditional attractions you can spend a bit of money in Manama's Bahrain City Centre.

Something that all of these locations have in common is the impressive way that they manage to balance their past with their future. It's intoxicating to think about taking a trip to these places and experience the cultural diversity of this continent. And then, you think a bit more and realise that even then, you've really only scratched the surface of what Asia has to offer. There's enough left to keep me planning trips for a while yet!

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