Saturday, 16 July 2016

Sheffield Botanical Gardens & The Herd of Sheffield

One of the things I love most about living in Sheffield is the fact that it is so blummin' green everywhere. We're so lucky to live within walking distance of so many beautiful parks and open spaces, despite living so close to the city centre! 

I popped my camera in my bag this morning as we headed out to the Botanical Gardens to walk the dog (and run off some of that toddler energy too!). I'm so glad that I did too because the gardens are looking stunning at the moment. There's so much colour everywhere you look and countless cheeky squirrels around every corner excitedly waiting to say hello. 

On our walk we also spotted some more of the Herd of Sheffield elephants that are currently dotted all over the city. These uniquely decorated elephants have recently cropped up everywhere from Meadowhall shopping centre to parks and open spaces. 
This exciting initiative is courtesy of The Children's Hospital Charity and Wild in Art and every penny raised in support goes towards the Artfelt Programme which helps children recover in an environment tailored to them as well as hosting workshops for youngsters to provide distractions for anxious times such as before operations. You can find out lots more about The Herd of Sheffield over at the official website

If you live in Sheffield or have visited recently, how many of the elephants have you spotted so far? We're having a blast tracking them all down! 


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