Friday, 15 July 2016

Less But Better // July 2016 update

Since the arrival of our daughter almost 3 years ago, I've been on a mission to de-clutter our home and free ourselves once and for all from all the things that stress me out.... Clutter, mess, stress, endless 'to do' lists, etc. I'm a firm believer that your home should be a place to enjoy but when I began my maternity leave and started spending real, proper time at home.... I constantly felt anxious. There was always something to clean, sort out or tidy. Things had to change!

I'm just about 3 years into this journey now. I feel like it is such a slow journey, painfully slow even. But I wanted to ensure that I found homes for every single item without actually throwing anything away. The newfound thrill of clearing space and making money from our old items though (either for myself or charity) is just as good as the thrill of finding a bargain whilst out shopping, something I used to love doing so much! 

When I first started this journey, people were incredibly interested but always noted 'it won't last', 'you'll regret getting rid of certain things' and 'don't go too minimalist, you won't like it. It's just not you.'

But you know what? Recently I sold Miss E's ridiculously expensive pram. I sold my prized vintage bedding collection. I even sold my wedding dress. I've shredded piles and piles and boxes full of paperwork. I've downsized my music collection too. And each time I let go of something, it feels so good. I regret nothing so far. It's a kind of freedom that I can't yet quite put my finger on. To let go of things that no longer add value in my life. To make space for the things that matter. What's not to love?!

So, I just wanted to stick this little update in here to make a note that this journey continues! 

I currently have boxes piled up in the attic filled up and ready for our next car boot sale. I've also just finished a huge eBay selling spree selling off all kinds of items. It is insane what you can actually sell on there and my most recent lot has given me a real boost of motivation to keep going.

By the end of the year my goal is to clear out our attic room and be completely clutter free in there. It is currently my eBay/charity shop/car boot sale sorting room/office. I want it to be a proper third bedroom and playroom for kiddo. 

Ok, 2nd half of 2016.... let's do this!


  1. I so want to be able to do that. I would do it in a heart beat but my other half is a hoarder (although he doesn't seem to think he is). We're moving soon so it's the best excuse to get rid of things that don't add value.

  2. I really pleased that you mentioned that you've found it to be a really slow process. I've been trying to de-clutter our house for a while and sometimes it feels like I'm not getting anywhere with it. I'll keep on going with it though because I love the feeling of 'letting go' of stuff... and having the extra space back is good too.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. Argh! I so need to do this, you have inspired me to start. Every little helps x

  4. We are in de-clutter mode at the moment, as I am 6 months pregnant and preparing for baby to arrive.

  5. I am decluttering daily. With two young kids running around you just don't get the time to declutter it all. Our attic needs to be cleared out big time. It's the perfect time to do this because we are moving house.

  6. This is my dream! I would love to declutter our whole house, I just struggle to find the time with 2 little ones. Hopefully one day!

  7. Oh this sounds wonderful. I find that I feel stressed because there is so much tidying needed in our house. And many of our rooms are dumping grounds. I really need to take this post as my inspiration and start work on making our house the lovely home I want it to be. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  8. We move around quite a lot with being in the military so you'd think we wouldn't have much of a chance to build up much clutter, but we do!! We have barely any storage space so I really need to have a good clean out! Sounds like you're doing really well :) x

  9. This is fantastic and I think so important to live as simplistically as you can. You sound like you have made such a great choice. Definitely less stressful the less clutter I can definitely relate x