Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Attic Plans // Toy storage, blackout blinds and a teepee!

I imagine that many folk have a room in their home that doesn't really have a purpose and therefore it soon becomes the dumping ground for all the random crap that seems to constantly accumulate.... am I right?!

Well, our attic room is that room for us.

I have mentioned our plans to create some kind of workable office and playroom kinda space in there but before we can do that, we need to finish tackling the piles of clutter that currently fill every corner.  

I'd love for the space to be a really fun little room for Miss E to enjoy, as well as giving me somewhere to work. Eventually I imagine she'll take over that room completely and use it as her bedroom so I want to bear that in mind when it comes to furnishing the room.

Today I wanted so share a wish list of some of the things i'd like to see in there, a bit of an update on this post I did earlier in the year (yes, we have finally sorted that light fitting)!

Firstly, suitable blinds.... Essential for a good nights sleep in our house! Miss E is such a little Disney fan and I absolutely love these Disney Velux blinds over at roofblinds.co.uk. They come with complete blackout for both night and day, perfectly combining functionality with the joy of seeing her favourite characters worked into the decor! There are 12 designs to choose from altogether featuring some classic characters but I really do love the Bambi design, subtle yet super cute!

Next up, toy storage! I love these cube storage units from the Great Little Trading Co.... I've had my eye on these for a while. The stone coloured finish is super elegant. I love that they can be combined with the canvas storage cube boxes too, perfect for tidying away all those toys at the end of the day! 

Finally, places to play! Our attic room is large enough to accommodate some bigger pieces and therefore i'd love to pop a teepee or play tent in there. The perfect little place to snuggle down and read stories, have tea parties and have fun! I love this floral patchwork teepee tent from Lulu & Weasel over on Not On The High Street.... such a pretty design! I'd probably try and sneak in there for some chill time too, to be honest!


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