Monday, 4 July 2016

7 baby shower ideas

Baby showers are fun and an increasingly important part of becoming a mother. But sometimes they can be expensive and a little difficult to arrange too. Here we discuss 8 ways of arranging a baby shower that are more thoughtful and less expensive.

Baby Starter kits
Many companies offer free baby stuff that include nappies, wipes, feeding bottles etc. This also can be a great gift.

Gifts for the older siblings
The older siblings can feel a little neglected once a new baby comes along. While you are giving gifts for the new born it is a good idea to include the older child as well so that he/she doesn’t feel left out. You can give a free ticket to a circus, age appropriate computer games or colouring books.

Every baby needs nappies and it is one of the biggest expenses. You can give samples of different brands of nappies so the parents can easily choose which suits them (i.e. the baby) the best.

Baby Wipes
The great philosophers of ancient times once said “nappies and wipes go hand in hand” (OK may be they didn't but they do don’t they?!). Every time you change a diaper you also need one or more wipes. The problem is babies have sensitive skin and not all brands can suit them. You can give the parents samples of different brands of wipes then they can easily find out which brand suits best the baby.

Baby portraits
We never get tired of seeing photos of newborn babies. This can also be a great gift as many studios offer free prints or at very little charge for infants and it is something that parents will always remember and cherish.

Safety ID kit
The most important part of being a parent is keeping your child safe. Many companies offer free Baby safety I.D. kits and this will be a very useful, thoughtful and loving gift that anyone can give.

Shopping bags that are reusable
As the family is expanding so will their grocery and they will need something to carry it in. Companies often give away free tote bags which has their logo or advertisement on it. It can also be a great gift. 

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