Wednesday, 27 July 2016

4 stylish ways to update your dining room

Your dining room is a place that will get a lot of use. The chances are that it gets used at least once per day for a family meal. So you after a while it will experience some wear and tear. It is natural to want to update the room and make a few changes after a little time. There are some simple ways that you can update the dining room, though. Here are a few ideas to help you.

Create a Focal Point

When you look in a room, it needs to have a focal point. In a living area, there is the natural focal point of somewhere like a fireplace. In a dining room, the natural focal point is the table. As a result, you will want to make sure that it looks so striking and draws people into the room. A great way to do that is by changing up the lighting that is in the room. A pendant light over the table can look so stunning. You could even consider getting a chandelier to hang over the table. It would add so much light and sparkle.

Change the Colours

If you change the colours in a room, you can make such a change. First of all, you need to think if you want to change the whole colour scheme, or just go for a slight change. Changing all of the colours could mean the furniture and flooring may no longer match. So if you do want to change all of the colours, this needs to be considered. If you are happy to change every aspect of the room, then go for it. It might even be worth getting a designer in to help you. You could check out Chandler interior designer for some ideas of the services a designer could offer you. If you’d like to consider fewer changes, then think of colours that will compliment the furniture that you already have. 

Use Mirrors

It might be an unusual choice to add mirrors into the dining room. But it can make a darker dining room look much brighter and airy. It can make the room look larger too. It will reflect the light and give the room a different dimension. Large mirrors that can take over a wall are a great idea. Try to avoid small and awkward mirrors in the dining room. You want it to make a statement.

Add Pretty Touches

Having a dining room that is appealing as soon as you walk in makes such a difference. So think about having some flowers in the room to add something different. They could be real or fake, whatever is easiest for you. How about a centrepiece for the table too? It could be something that you change up seasonally. If your table always looks ready to go, with a tablecloth, for example, it will get much more use. It will be so much easier just to go and enjoy being in that room when it looks good.

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