Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Our holiday in Pembrokeshire // Day one // Travel, Saundersfoot & all the toys

Our whole-family trip to Pembrokeshire in Wales had been booked for quite a few months and we were really, really ready for a holiday. Especially considering it has been almost half a year since we've properly been away anywhere! Disaster struck however the very evening before we were due to depart when Ben was briskly taken to hospital with what we later found out was food poisoning.

Not the best start to our trip, for sure!

We were pretty sure that we wouldn't be going anywhere but after few restful days and with Ben feeling a little better, we decided to try and make the most of the remainder of the week and attempt the 5 hour car journey to Wales.

Thankfully, the journey was completely fine! Two breaks and plenty of snacks later, we arrived in Pembrokeshire to our wonderful accommodation where the rest of my family were already staying.

By the way, if you've ever tried to find somewhere to stay with a small child, extended family and a dog then you’ll know how damn hard it is! My mum stumbled upon the place we stayed and it was a real gem. A lovely farm house perfectly suited for families and dog owners alike. Literally everything a child could want from outdoor playgrounds to a sand pit, trampoline, plenty of farm animals to befriend, an entire building crammed full of toys and even a car shaped bed to sleep in. Miss E was in heaven!

We spent the remainder of the afternoon exploring our accommodation and watching Miss E getting to grips with the trampoline and building millions of sandcastles in the sandpit before enjoying a delicious evening meal back at the cottage.

In the evening we headed out to Saundersfoot just a few minutes away to enjoy a while pottering on the beach, a spot of window shopping and buying plenty of Caldey Island chocolate from the sweet shop near the harbour (which didn't last long!).

Afterwards, it was back to the cottage for a much needed early night!



  1. I go to Tenby every year since I was a child. Saundersfoot is lovely. Hope you enjoy your stay, if you need any recommendations on where to go, give me a shout!

  2. What a lovely looking place to go on holiday. I've never been to Pembrokeshire but it looks like such an amazing place. I hope you enjoyed your stay.

  3. Pembrokeshire is such a beautiful county, we recently returned from a holiday to Bluestone National Park Resort and had THE most wonderful time. We too ventured to Tenby and Saundersfoot and enjoyed walking around the harbour! xxx

  4. OOh the harbour looks divine. Water (the sea) is always one of my favourite things to be beside in the good weather. Hope you had an amazing time x

  5. We've recently been to Tenby. I love it down there. Looks like you had a fab time. I actually have never been to saundersfoot x

  6. Wow it looks beautiful! And what great accommodation as well - perfect for families. So glad you managed to get on your holiday after the food posioning. Nothing worse than feeling ill on holiday - glad he was ok!

  7. Your first picture is so amazing looks such a lovely day. We love Pembrokeshire and have been many time with the boys.

  8. aww I love Pembrokeshire, I grew up near by and went to uni just down the road too so it's lovely to see these pics! x

  9. Accommodation book shelf envy, I'm sure there was lots of great read to explore. Never been to Pembrokeshire but it seems a lovely little spot and you got some fab weather too 😃