Thursday, 30 June 2016

Hey there....

I feel like it has been a little while since I last updated here. And you know how it goes.... the longer you leave it, the harder it is to get back into writing again!

Things have been busy. A good kind of busy though. Miss E rarely naps nowadays so we've been making the most of being able to get out as much as possible. Trips to the park or to the farm, classes, that kind of thing! She absolutely thrives on being outdoors, it's so good for her. And good for me too!

At home (when kiddo is asleep) I've been doing a combination of working, getting overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I still have to sell on eBay and generally being on a huge comedown from lovely weekends away and our trip to Wales.
We've been tacking lots of those little jobs and things we keep putting off and honestly, it feels great but also a little overwhelming.

And when things get overwhelming I tend to shut off.

Then I become unmotivated and find it harder to get going again. Argh!

So yes, i'm in a bit of a slump at the moment and I feel like I need a kick up the bum to get me going again. I have 'to do' lists and things I want to achieve before the end of summer but oh, where to start!

So, here's my question to you. How do you motivate yourself when you're not feeling motivated? I'd love to hear your tips!


  1. Urgh! I feel exactly the same at the moment. I think it's a combination of returning from a wonderful holiday, having lots of housework and blog work to catch up on and June just generally being a bad month for us. I think my biggest tip is just to start, do something! Even if it's a small job you are getting something ticked off your list xx

  2. I know exactly how you feel, as I've been the same recently. June was a very busy month and I had no motivation to do anything. Taking a bit of time off from blogging has definitely helped. I didn't want to force myself to write something just for the sake of it. I write a long list of jobs I need to do and set myself a few to do each day xx

  3. I am the worst when I'm not feeling motivated. I find summer the hardest too! Lists help me to keep on top of things and organised, though x

  4. I always feel so stressed out if my LO doesn't sleep during the day, thats my time to try and get my jobs done.

  5. We go through ups and downs in the motivation part of our lives. Sometimes being unmotivated can be a good thing.

  6. Good to see you back. I've been struggling too, we moved house in April and then went straight to Vietnam in May and somehow got a little bit lost in the moment.

    I can't seem to find the motivation to do the things I should be doing. Instead I've spent a lot of time wondering and struggling just with the everyday of life. It's hard to break out of it.

    I'm hoping we both find some motivation soon!

  7. I know that feeling and it SUCKS. I hope you can find some motivation. I've been struggling to write a blog post for WEEKS, but at the weekend I finished two in a day, more than I've passionately written in a long long time. It comes and goes, but I'm hoping this trend stays x

  8. Motivation doesn't seem to be a huge problem to me. The problem I have is I feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that has to be done and I just panic most of the time that I don't get anything done time and it's building up.

  9. I know exactly how you feel, my to do list just keeps getting longer and longer, including stuff to sell on dreaded eBay too! I write lists and give myself deadlines and that usually helps x

  10. You're so right. Taking the first step back into something is always the hardest. But you've done it now, so it just gets easier from here :) I also have a never-ending pile of stuff to eBay... maybe one day 😂