Friday, 6 May 2016

Lullaby Baby // Review

I might have mentioned this once or twice before but Miss E was one of those babies who just didn't like sleep. At all! We tried everything to help settle her and after a few months we found that she really responded to a few things; movement and music. 
I remember scouring the Internet in those early days looking for some decent music to play for her in an attempt to make her environment calm and relaxing ready for sleep. At 2.5 years old, she now has quite the music collection and listening to music is one of our absolute favourite things to do together! 

Each day, we listen to everything from Disney tunes to "mummy and daddy's music". Music is such a huge part of our day. Even at bedtime we'll sing to her or play gentle music to help everyone wind down ready for bed.

With this in mind, we were delighted to receive a copy of "Lullaby Baby" recently which is a brand new album for little ones. "Lullaby Baby" is a beautiful collection of twenty songs aimed to soothe babies and young children alike.

Lullaby Baby is the latest album from Nursery Rhymes 123, a collaboration between BAFTA award winning director and father-of-two Dan Smith and UK based singer-songwriter Martha Bean. 

The album is a stunning collection that includes interpretations of traditional nursery rhymes and lullabies as well as four original tracks written by Martha Bean (the singer featured on the album). 

We love the mix of tracks, all of which are beautifully relaxing and very listenable for parents too. Thankfully, I don't anticipate that any of us will get bored of listening to the album any time soon! 
Our favourite track is "You Are My Sunshine", a song that I have always sung to Miss E at bedtime. We've not found a really good version of this before and so we are very pleased to see this one on the album. It's gentle yet uplifting, Miss E has requested this one quite a few times already as it's one of her favourites! 

Half way through the album, the tracks progress into instrumental versions. These are sublimely calming, perfect for that bedtime routine! 

Every single track is extremely soothing, peaceful and has a wonderful calming effect. We're huge fans of this album already and we're now working our way through the previous album "11 Nursery Rhymes and Songs" and the many wonderful playlists available on the Nursery Rhymes 123 website (which, by the way, is a gorgeous little website!). 

The album is available to purchase in iTunes for £7.99 or you can listen to the album on Spotify. It's available on all other major download and streaming websites including Amazon, Apple Music and Google Play.


  1. May I give you a tip too.........? When our boys were younger, and now our son does this for our grandchildren, we had Nursery Rhymes and stories for car(we never removed them from the car so they were always there) for long journeys. The Nursery Rhymes and songs we all sang to. And we progressed from younger stories through to Enid Blyton and Harry Potter.
    It also takes the driver back to childhood too.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

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