Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Visit to Wentworth Garden Centre's Family Farm

Wentworth Garden Centre in Rotherham is one of those places we used to visit pretty much on the regular but then for some reason we kinda forgot that it existed. So when we were out driving the other day, we were reminded of it and the next day we had off together we made sure we visited. It's been too long!

Wentworth Garden Centre is not just a garden centre. Sure, it's amazing if you want to buy anything for your garden and the gift shop there is the perfect place to drop by if you want to pick up presents. What we love most of all though are the historic walled gardens, family farm and superb restaurant..... all of which are worth a visit.

None of us have visited the family farm since its redevelopment and I was excited to see the changes.

Admission prices remain low with adults costing just £2.50 and both children and senior citizens £2.25 (April 2016). We also loved the addition of a gift shop at the entrance/exit which was stocked with farm themed souvenirs and a good range of Playmobil toys. The perfect place to spend that pocked money! 

Our visit was wonderful and Miss E hasn't stopped talking about it since we came home. The farm is home to a huge range of animals including the usual sheep, pigs and chickens as well as more unusual creatures such as foxes, meerkats and much more! 
In particular we loved the guinea pig handling session, I think Miss E might have fallen in love with the guinea pig she had on her lap! She was also particularly impressed with the playgrounds, especially the toddler area which is undercover.

Our day was complete with a delicious meal in the restaurant and finished off with a particularly yummy strawberry tart (my guilty pleasure, I always have one there!). We really enjoyed our visit and hope to not leave it so long until the next time! 



  1. Looks like you had a great time and took some lovely photographs x

  2. Lovely photos - the colour of the peacock is stunning! Looks like a fab day out - my daughter loves the farm x

  3. I always find garden centres are such a great place to visit! Looks like you had a lovely time, perfect day out!


  4. Love that admission is so cheap, nothing like paying a days wages to get in somewhere for a couple of hours. Great pictures, fab day out :)

  5. This looks lovely and there admission prices are fab! We are well over due a farm visit! x

  6. It looks like you had a great time! Lovely photos too x

  7. Ooh loving all of the super-cute photos, this is definitely the kind of place we'd LOVE to take Lily, it's a shame it's not local to us.
    I love a good strawberry tart as well, yum yum!
    X X

  8. those pigs are so cute! We went to our local farm yesterday and the piglets were 7 weeks old and were adorable, they'd just been weaned from their mummy which I was surprised by as it seemed so young! x

  9. Garden centres are my guilty pleasure but this one looks amazing! Gorgeous photos x