Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Study Notebook // Review

I'm a bit of a stationary fiend, to say the least. I literally have a chest of drawers crammed full of notebooks, stickers, greetings cards and more.... let's just say I like to be prepared when it comes to stationary! It's one of my downfalls, I'm well aware!

It feels a lifetime ago since I studied for anything but as I might have mentioned once or twice recently, I'm very keen to pass my driving test this year.

Now, I'm all for organisation when it comes to compiling knowledge and taking notes so I was super pleased to have recently been given the chance to review a clever little notebook from The Study Notebook. I'm very much hoping it will give me a kick up the bum when it comes to learning that all important driving theory and taking notes for the practical test. Goodness me, I need it!

These notebooks are beautifully made and are designed specifically to help organise your notes creatively making them more effective and easier to learn from. 

They are A4 in size and currently come in a choice of three designs; blush pink, mint green or a contemporary black. What I absolutely about them is that you can choose what kind of paper you have inside.... lined, recycled or squared or even a combination of papers!

Inside the front cover you'll find a starter pack of stickers (I love stickers), designed so that you can structure the notebook yourself. It makes the notebook suitable for any type of study and ensures that you get the best possible use of out it. 

I'm looking forwards to starting that first page very soon. I always find marking the first page of a notebook so exciting, whether its note taking or list making. So many possibilities. A fresh start. New opportunities. I can't wait to get cracking on this new chapter in my life!

Many thanks to The Study Notebook for sending me this item to review.  

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