Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Elsie's 5th Birthday

On Saturday 26th March 2016, we celebrated Elsie's fifth birthday. Our cheeky little dog is five whole years old and I can't believe how quickly the past few years have gone. Honestly, I can't imagine life without her, she's my best furry buddy. She really has changed our lives for the better and I do hope that she knows that!

She never fails to make us smile, sharing our life with her is a blessing. She's such a gentle and patient 'big sister' to Miss E too. Recently she has taken to sneaking upstairs each evening to snuggle down at the bottom of her bed for a few hours until we come up to bed. Their love for each other fills me with absolute joy! I am so thankful that Miss E gets to grow up knowing the love of a dog. Especially a dog like Elsie.  

I love the way that she follows the same routine every day.... taking herself off to bed at exactly 1:15pm in the afternoon each day for a good nap, for example!

Her face is greying, seemingly more so each day. She'll always be our little baby though. 

Happy 5th birthday, Miss Elsie!


  1. N'aww Happy Birthday Elsie!! <3

  2. Awww, so cute! Happy Belated Birthday wishes for Elsie! - Tasha