Friday, 12 February 2016

#LoveAtFirstLight with Co-Operative Food

It's been a week of illness here in our house so we've not ventured out much at all, instead choosing to cosy up at home overdosing on duvet snuggles and far too much TV whilst we all get better! The other day though, we had an early morning knock at the door and the postman man outside our house handed me this completely unexpected and rather marvellous Valentine's food hamper from Co-Operative Food.....

Inside was a selection of coffee, pastries, treats and hazelnut chocolate spread.... everything needed for a perfect breakfast in bed. It was just the lift that I needed to cheer me up and make me forget how ill I actually felt! 

Co-Operative Food have teamed up with Fred Sireix from First Dates this Valentine's day to help create love at first light and a bit of magic in the bedroom. So.... back to bed it was to enjoy some of the treats! 

I warmed up the croissants in the oven and made some mugs of steaming hot coffee to enjoy them with. The chocolate spread melted inside the warm croissants.... it was heaven! I don't really have a sweet tooth but sometimes when I get poorly (or exhausted!), I go a bit nuts for chocolate so this all really cheered me up!  

Miss E, of course, helped out with the chocolate treats too. This chocolate lolly is absolutely adorable....

And this sweet little chocolate bear? Well I think he's just too cute to eat! I'm going to put him away and share him at a later date.

It just goes to show how small acts of kindness can really mean a lot to other people. So, why not treat someone you love (your partner, children, a friend or even yourself!) to a special breakfast this weekend? 

If you're stuck for ideas, take a look at for a bit of inspiration. Here you'll find heaps of ideas for indulgent Valentine's breakfast treats, from Pancake Hearts to French Toast with a twist. I'm sure there will be something to tempt your taste-buds and impress that special someone! 


  1. That is such a lovely idea, a box like this would make a fab Valentine's gift!! Hope you are all feeling better x

  2. What a lovely idea! Sorry to hear you've had a week of being unwell in your house. Same In our house too- can't seem to shift this virus and we are all a bit house bound. Hopefully if I'm well enough by the weekend this sounds like just the ticket! X

  3. Oh wow this looks so great! I'd love one of those boxes! It would make a good evening home with my hubby as seen as Im housebound at the minute and we have to find things to do at home. Maybe a movie and that box! I might just send him to buy one!

  4. How lovely! It looks like you had a gorgeous breakfast in bed xx

  5. This looks lovely! The croissants and chocolate spread look so good! x

  6. Lovely box. Hope you are feeling better
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. This is lovely! I've had absolutely nothing from Hubby today. Yet he's had a card and gifts. He's rubbish! x

  8. Ah this looks lovely! Me and my partner haven't got anything for eachother, I did get him a card but I have lost it ! oopS

  9. How lovely, croissants (with chocolate spread scooped inside!) are our favourites here!

  10. Oh what a lovely valentines gift this would make, great items in the box too. x