Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The best winter bedding!

I don't think it's any secret that I have a soft spot for bedding. Other folk might go weak at the knees for new shoes, bags and cosmetics.... but me? It has to be bedding. 

Now, I don't have the biggest collection. In fact, I spent the best part of 2015 selling most of what I did have on eBay. I was left with 3, maybe 4 matching sets. And then I received this set as a gift for Christmas.....

It might just be the best bedding that I have ever owned. Combined with our new Leesa mattress (review here), I can honestly say I'm having the best sleep I've had in years.

The bedding I'm talking about here is a four piece duvet set from QVC, a shopping channel of all places. The whole set is made from ridiculously soft and snuggly fleece. Yep.... the duvet cover, the sheet and even the pillowcases!

Now, you might be thinking that fleece would be too hot to sleep in. But trust me, it's absolutely not the case. It's more of a micro fleece.... the kind you'd find on specialist outdoor clothing. Super soft, subtle and oh, so warm

It's an absolute dream to sleep in when the weather is cold.

Despite me never being cold at night any more though, my favourite things about this duvet set are;
  • It isn't cold when you get into bed. There are no cold spots, there's no 'sheet shock'. It's kinda warm before you've even started! It's brilliant.
  • The sheet is super generous and fits over our deep mattress with ease. It stays on all night and is super comfortable! 
  • After washing it like normal, it's dry within 1-2 hours of being hung up. And the best bit? You don't need to iron it. Ever. It's pristine and ready to put straight back on the bed, every single time. Amazing. 

This is the set that I have. The nautical stripes are very 'me' and neutral enough should we change our bedroom decor! If stripes aren't your thing though, QVC have a whole range of styles including a gorgeous polka dot pattern and even a leopard print. I'm finding it very hard to resist buying another set for when this one is in the wash, I love it so much! 


  1. Your bed looks so cosy and warm. I want to jump right in xx

  2. Your bedroom is lovely, the soft colours go together so nicely and the bedding sounds amazing too. I'm a sucker for home comforts and cosy blankets xx

  3. It's a lovely pattern and colours. I've never thought to buy bedding from qvc before. I love to be warm at night so this would be ideal for me. Love the fact that it's warm when you sit on it too x

  4. OMG I love it! And I love that it is fleece! I've never seen anything like that before! Off to have a look at it online... :)

    Gemma xx

  5. I love new bedding - this is absolutely gorgeous. I treated myself last year to new winter bedding which is super snuggly! Kaz x

  6. Oh wow that sounds like incredible bedding! This time last year we got a new bed and I became obsessed with buying new bedding. I'll definitely be peeking at QVC x

  7. That bedding looks so lovely. I'm also obsessed with bedding and actually looking for some more!!! There's nothing better than fresh sheets on the bed.

    QVC is fab for finding items like this.

    Laura x

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  9. Numerous individuals hunt down the ideal winter bedding for the colder, chilly months! Plainly winter is well and genuinely in our middle and you unquestionably can't beat moving into a warm, comfortable bed with flannelette sheets and a high tog duvet when the downpour is beating on your windows. It instantly tends to improve you fondle and sets you for a decent night's rest, so guaranteeing your sheets are proper is truly essential.

  10. As winter hangs on, there’s no place any of us would rather be than snuggled up in bed! Sometimes readying our bedroom for the new season is as simple as piling on a new throw; other years, it feels like a complete overhaul is in order.