Monday, 4 January 2016

Leesa Mattress // Review

We purchased our current bed four years ago when we bought our first home together. It's a vintage style frame from Laura Ashley, hand cast in metal with a warm glossy ivory finish. It's lovely, feminine, super sturdy and will last us for years to come. 
The open coil mattress that came with it however? Oh my goodness, not good at all! We've had such problems with it since day one.... even purchasing memory foam toppers and plush pillows didn't help and I was frequently waking up in the morning with back ache and numb shoulders. That mattress had to go! 

In a stroke of luck, I was contacted about a month ago by Leesa who are manufacturers of luxury mattresses. They very kindly offered me the chance to try out one of their products* and have a go at ordering from their website. 

I'll be honest..... I was a little reserved at first. As much as I love shopping online, there are just a few things I wouldn't buy at the click of a button. Cars, perfume and mattresses included. You just want to see these things in real life and try them out a bit first, don't you?!

But then I took a look at their website and saw that they offer a risk free 100 night trial as well as free shipping and hassle free returns. The trial is both simple and rather impressive; try it out for 100 nights and if your sleep hasn't improved they will let you send it back for free, refund you fully and donate your mattress. Fantastic! 

So I sat down with a cup of tea whilst kiddo took a nap and loaded the Leesa website ready to make my purchase....

The website is fantastic. Sleek, minimal and easy to navigate. Purchasing was painless and took just a few minutes. I loved being able to complete my transaction using PayPal and once I had put in my order, all I had to do was sit back and wait for it to arrive. So far so good! And no pushy salespeople pestering you.... the best!

3 days later, a large-ish rectangular box from Leesa was delivered....

I was genuinely stumped as to how this box could contain a double sized mattress. It wasn't even the full width of our bed! Nevertheless, I couldn't wait to say goodbye to our old mattress and to see what was inside the box from Leesa. 

Farewell creaky old mattress, we will not miss you.....

Inside the box from Leesa was a curious spiral of what looked like foam. I was still not convinced that once opened, this could be an actual mattress! 

According to the website, Leesa mattresses are made up of three layers; 

12cm dense core support which adds strength, durability and structure to support sleepers of all sizes.

5cm layer of memory foam in the middle providing body contouring and pressure relief.

5cm top layer made from Avena foam allowing air flow for a cooler nights sleep. Avena foam is similar to latex, but latex free.... perfect for those with allergies!

Here's what it looks like, straight out of the box (still with it's protective wrapping on!)....

Once the mattress was removed from the box and positioned on the bed, it was just a case of unrolling it and removing the plastic wrapping from underneath. As soon as the wrap was removed, it instantly started to expand and fill the bed. It was quite an amazing sight. 

I've put together a little video of the unboxing, so you can see how easy it was for youself!

After an hour or so, the mattress had fully expanded and was ready to be used! It had evened up and filled out perfectly. 

The cover feels soft yet cool to the touch. The fabric on top is woven from a polyester/lycra blend and the design of it is understated, modern and clean looking. It's ever so lovely and looks great in our bedroom.

Naturally, once it was all ready to use I couldn't wait to get some freshly ironed bedding back on the bed.

.... but not before we had a little visit from Miss E who couldn't wait to put the new mattress through its paces! 

We've had the mattress for around a month now and honestly, it's an absolute joy to sleep on. The mattress is designed for all kinds of sleepers and it seems to be just right for both me and my husband. It's a medium firmness, supportive but yet soft. My husband is a super restless sleeper but with the way the mattress has been designed, I don't feel a thing and he doesn't disturb me! 

We've both been sleeping well. Very well! He doesn't complain about being too hot and there's a possibility I've not been complaining about my back half as much. We're winning at sleep at the moment and if you feel rested enough, you feel like you can achieve anything (says the mama whose child has also just started sleeping properly in the past couple of months!).

Leesa mattresses come with free shipping and are priced at £390.00 for a single, £590.00 for a double, £690.00 for a king size and £740.00 for a super king-size. A premium product i'd say, without the premium price tag! 

Hop over to the Leesa website for more information. Ps, if you'd like to try out a Leesa mattress for yourself, readers of my blog can claim £50.00 off any of the products by using the promotional code found here: 

* I was sent this product to review but as always, all opinions are honest and all words are my own


  1. A mattress determines if you have a good nights sleep or stressful day .... great post

  2. This looks and sounds a brilliant mattress, I'm desperate for a new one! Great review and photos. Kaz x

  3. oh wow, a 100 day trial is a great incentive to buy online as I'm like you, I would otherwise be hesitant. What a great mattress!

  4. This looks wonderful, I'm having even more sleep problems than usual now I'm pregnant and I hate our mattress!xx

  5. I always say it's so so important to invest in good bedding, sleep is just too important to not be comfy at night. Adore you're duvet cover btw x

  6. Would love one of these mattresses as I've heard so many fantastic reports about it. I suffer from fibromyalgia and don't sleep much at all. Wondering if this would help
    How can you get the trail would be very interested in one! Xx

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  9. That room decor is absolutely beautiful!
    And that mattress looks amazing! I wish I knew about that brand while I was living in London! All the mattresses that I had were terrible for my back!
    Thank you for the amazing review! :)

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  21. I am 30 years old, I am using the same mattress for 5 years now and, I feel there should be a change, so I want to buy new mattresses. Right now I am using Hybrid mattress.. Can you please tell me an apt mattress?

  22. Awesome. I love this. I had a tempurpedic before this one and the Leesa is much better. Comes in a small box on your doorstep and expands. My back hurts constantly and this helps me wake up with no pain. Thanks for sharing your mattress review.

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