Thursday, 14 January 2016

Attic Plans // Paint colours, Clutter and New Blinds!

The large bedroom room at the very top of our house is currently lacking both purpose and personality. Ever since we moved in, we've had no real use for it and so it has become the dumping ground for all our clutter.

Currently I use it as an eBay room/office and Miss E uses it as a play room, of sorts! There's a bed, a desk and a whole heap of junk that I am still working through selling/donating/etc. My absolute main goal for this year is to finally clear every last item that we no longer use and turn this room into a proper office and guest bedroom. 

The clutter dump aka the room of doom! 4 years later, I still haven't sorted out a proper light fitting!

First thing I'll be doing is getting rid of that kingfisher blue wall for sure! I'm really into neutrals at the moment and once the room has been decorated it'll be time to get started on lighting, blinds, new bedding and storage.

These are some of the paint shades I am debating at the moment for that back wall and the rest of the room. All of them are good old Farrow & Ball!

The other bits that we need to purchase will be essential to make the room fit for purpose. An ergonomic office chair, good lighting and suitable blinds are essential if I'm going to get any work done in there!
I'm all over anything that is well designed and will last for years and this article I read recently on the rise of 'buy me once' shopping has really inspired me to continue buying better quality products that last a lifetime.

I really like the idea of the 2-in-1 VELUX blackout and awning blinds from the VELUX shop. Our attic gets insufferably hot in the summer and these blinds offer the solution of providing blackout as well as effective light and heat control. Usually I have to relocate to working downstairs in the summer as the room gets so hot so this would be absolutely ideal!

According to the website, this particular blind solution offers 100% blackout and 90% heat reduction. Perfect for a guest bedroom and day office solution! Also, if we do go down the route of turning this room into Miss E's bedroom further down the line, the VELUX Blinds website also sell a range of themed blinds suitable for children including both Disney and Star Wars designs. They look incredible!

We have so many options for this room. I can't wait to finish clearing out the clutter and make it usable again!


  1. Like you, I have a dumping room. I have to clear it out twice a year, but it's still full of rubbish! I cant wait to see what colour you choose for your attic. I really love all of them!

    Laura x x x

  2. I like the ammonite colour and had a good chuckle at elephants breath - what a name for paint?

  3. We have the exact same study/guest bedroom/junk room in our house!! I would go white with the walls. I'm a little bit obsessed with white interiors.

  4. We need some blackout blinds. It's a fabulous idea to keep out heat but also for bedtimes.It looks fab that you can find some that really work no matter the shape of the house. I love the colour options you have for the walls. From what you have, I can tell we are into the same colour scheme/styles.

  5. What an exciting project. I'd definitely go neutral in the attic, something light too to make it look bigger. The Velux blinds sound brilliant.

    Laura x

  6. I love elephant breath and it seems to look different in different lights. Have you looked at cornforth White? That's nice too xx

  7. Oo how exciting I love room makeovers. I think going neutral will look great! I'd go white walls then have some colour features :) look forward to seeing the end product x

  8. Ooooo. I get so nosey with things like this. How exciting.

  9. We have a room just like this and it's the kids playroom/dumping ground. It's the only room in the house we haven't decorated yet. We've just done lots of work on the house and painted some rooms Nutmeg white or Almost Oyster (both Dulux) really impressed with the paint quality x

  10. Doesn't every family have s dumping room? For us, it is our spare bedroom which we also use to dry our laundry. I really like your choice of paints. My favourites are the Charleston Grey and Purbeck Stone. And I think the bling you want sounds perfect. Stylish but practical. I too agree that it is better to pay more for a quality product that will last a long time. Rather than pay little but have to fork out again and again to have it replaced. It is a false economy. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  11. Beautiful colours! Almost every room in our house is a dumping room! We do have a cellar though which is so useful for storage x