Sunday, 6 December 2015

Things I've loved this week

A little Sunday round-up, some of the little things that i've been loving this week!

I caved in last weekend, dug out the tree and put up the decorations. I know it was early but I blummin' love Christmas! This past week has been one of feeling super festive, visiting Christmas fairs, writing our Christmas cards and enjoying turkey sandwiches. I love everything that the festive period has to offer, I just can't get enough!

Mumiy Troll
Rediscovering one of my favourite bands. They appeared on Eurovision way back in 2001 and i've been absolutely obsessed with them since then. They are bonkers but so ridiculously good! 

The arrival of our Fire Stick. 
My one and only Black Friday purchase. It's ace. And it also now means Miss E has another platform to watch the crazy Kinder Egg videos on. Which she is very, very happy about!
If you have a Fire Stick, let me know what your favourite apps and things to do are. I'm still getting the hang of using it and seeing what it's capable of but I love it so far!

All the denim.
I've been clearing out my clothes this year and I'm definitely working towards putting together a capsule wardrobe of sorts. I'm currently loving denim and have my eye on purchasing a denim pinafore dress as I have so many ways I could wear one. I love this one from New Look so I'll be taking a look next time I'm in town!

Winter Walks. 
There are few things better in my book than a good walk in the cold fresh air. Lots of mud, plenty of puddles, wildlife, fellow dog walkers.... you get the idea! And if those walks are finished off with a stop at a cafe serving the biggest portions of chips and ridiculously good hot chocolate then I'm completely and utterly happy!

What have you been loving this week? Let me know in a comment!


  1. This post is so cute! I love Christmas time, but I still need to decorate my tree!

  2. Sounds as though you had a lovely week. I'm holding out a bit longer before putting up the decorations but really looking forward to it.