Thursday, 8 October 2015

Now you are two

Today is the day that I officially have a two year old. Where have the last two years gone?! All of a sudden you are a real little girl with the most delightful personality. I love that we can now chat and have little conversations. I know your favourite things, your best-loved books and all your favourite things to do (usually anything involving play dough, stickers, sand, "choc choc" or cake!).

Your current favourite movie is Frozen and recently there hasn't been a single day you haven't asked us to play the songs or watch "Big Elsa" on the TV. You had an absolute blast on your first holiday to Disneyland and came home with a huge thing for Stitch after he gave you a bag of Haribo at a character meet! 

I love that you love animals and being outdoors. You are fearless on climbing frames and love nothing more than a muddy puddle to splash in. I really do look forwards to our trips out together so much! 
At home, you are creative and helpful and love helping look after Elsie whether it's feeding her, giving her treats or tucking her in bed.

Sleeping.... Oh lady! We're getting there, aren't we?! Naps don't seem to be on your agenda any more so at the moment we're all getting used to a new routine again!  

You are the sweetest little girl, so kind and gentle. Always keen to make everyone smile. You're also strong-willed, determined and when you know what you want, there's little we can do to change your mind. When you're older though this will get you far, so please keep that fire in you! 

My little buddy, you are so beautiful and precious in every way and I will never get tired of your sweet smiles or soft hugs. I'm so thankful that we can spend every day together and I can't wait to see what the next year holds for you! 

I hope that you have a very happy birthday my princess, and a wonderful year ahead! All my love, little lady xx

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  1. What a lovely post! Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl! I bet you all had an amazing time at Disneyland xx