Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Happy 23 Months!

August seemed to fly by so fast, didn't it?! I can't believe in just a month I'll have a 2 year old. A proper toddler. So exciting! We have so much fun stuff planned for the next few weeks so I'm sure that this month will go just as quickly! Seriously, where is time going this year?!

 Here's what Miss E has been up to during the last few weeks....

Sleep - Much better this month, we've even had a few 7am starts which has been lovely! Bedtime is really relaxed at the moment and she really enjoys story time and lots of cuddles before bed. She always wakes up happy and greets us with a 'good morning!' when we go in and see her. So cute!

Doing - Miss E continues to love being outdoors this month. She loves going out in the rain and digging up the garden looking for worms! She loves helping mummy, whether it's hanging the washing out or walking the dog. She's also a fan of eating out and is super confident about choosing drinks and cakes in cafes! 
At home, she's into her arts and crafts and has taken a keen interest in baking. She loves both sticker and lift the flap books and sometimes will even read a story to us, her favourite book at the moment is Meg & Mog! 

Saying - This month Miss E has started to talk in proper little sentences and is really clever when it comes to telling us what she wants. I couldn't even count how many words she knows now! She even sings along to some of her favourite songs too. Her speech has developed so much over the last few weeks!

Eating - Miss E's good appetite has continued this month. She'll eat most of her meals, will try most things and will often ask for snacks throughout the day too. Her current favourite foods are bread and jam, strawberries, pasta, chicken, peas and cheese.

Likes - Reading books, kicking leaves, pretend play (she loves her dolls house and playing with dolls), going to the park, going to cafes, running, splashing in puddles, jumping on our bed, dancing, music, being tucked up at night, baking and painting. 

Dislikes - Walking, if it isn't somewhere fun! 

Happy 23 months, my princess! 


  1. Adorable little munchkin! What a cutie-pa-tootie... so good that you are recording to all this info.

  2. Your daughter is adorable! I think those were some of my favorite foods at her age as well :)