Friday, 11 September 2015

A Perfect Autumn Day

Last Sunday was one of those day that was just lovely. No tantrums, no early starts, lovely weather, good food and lots of precious family time! We were going to head out to a car boot sale but after deciding that there wasn't anything we actually *needed* to buy, we drove Forge Dam and headed on a little walk towards the Peak District.

We had fun spotting butterflies, bugs and berries and Elsie made friends with a little dog, they spent ages running round the woods chasing each other. Seeing her have such fun with other dogs always leaves me wanting to get her a buddy to play with at home! 

After a good walk we headed back to the cafe at Forge Dam for lunch where I devoured the most amazing burger before spending a while in the playground with Miss E. Her energy levels are insane, she just keeps going no matter what! She's particularity fond of climbing frames at the moment and loves nothing more than throwing herself into our arms for us to 'fly' her around and around. 
Miss E's love of being outdoors is something I love most about her, I hope she keeps this in her always! 



  1. Sounds like you had a lovely family day out. The pictures are gorgeous! I love Autumn and everything about it. For me it marks the run to Christmas. Super exciting times!

    Chelsea |

  2. Ah what a lovely sounding day out! Also your photos are gorgeous <3

  3. Ahh, it all looks so pretty - you can't beat a lovely sunny, Autumnal walk!