Monday, 10 August 2015

Life // An Update

My husband and I have had some big conversations recently and I kind of felt like I needed to jot down where we are currently at. Over the past couple of years I have become a mother, quit my job, adjusted our spending, saved money, found new ways to make money and downsized our possessions. Our lives are 100% better for it and the many benefits of our new lifestyle have made me want to continue pursuing a lifestyle of both living and being content with less. 

If you know me in real life or have been following for a while then you'll know that we have been discussing the dreaded decision of either renovating our current house or buying a new home for what feels like forever! 

Well, we've finally made peace with the decision to stay where we are.

Moving house and climbing the property ladder is pretty much expected but in reality it's not what we want. At least not for now, anyway. To buy a house identical to ours but just a few roads away would add another £100k to the mortgage. Nope. And now we own less, the house is less cluttered and feels so much more spacious. I've realised that our home is actually more than big enough for what we need! 

I feel quite relieved that we know where we are at now. Sure, we need stuff doing to our house though. We need a lot doing to it to make it liveable. So we've resolved to spend time and money getting the important stuff done. A bathroom that functions would be amazing. And I'd love to say goodbye to 100 year old plaster and wonky doors that don't shut. 

So yes, we're finally going to get it done and I'm quite excited! 

And maybe, whilst we are doing that we can continue to overpay our mortgage. Pay it all off, even. To be content with what we have, what we own and where we live means we will have more freedom to live the life we want as a family.

I hope to share any updates on how we're going and I'm looking forwards to sharing my ideas for family friendly minimal interiors over the next few months! 


  1. I can relate with this post. I became a mum some years ago and stopped working, meaning we had to downsize quite a bit. Good luck with everything.

  2. Rebecca - I admire you and I have seen you blossom into a wonderful woman, wife and mother to Emilia over the years. You are brave and I know how hard it is to declutter and focus on different goals and dreams,
    We are living in our first home (a 3 bed terrace), which isn't the dream house by any means - but I tell myself that if we were able to afford the 'one' would we really get that much joy from it?
    I know I wouldn't enjoy cleaning more rooms, (more tolilets lol) and I know right now - we don't spend endless days at home - I guess it's a base, one we love, but one that we can adapt to/alter. Maybe one day, a move will be right.
    Great post Mrs.
    x x x

  3. Lovely post! I'm really glad you feel content with what you have - it's not an easy thing to achieve by any means. We are currently having lots of conversations too about whether to move or improve. What we have now is great, but it has it's limitations and it needs some big changes to make it a forever home - which is scary, but still more realistic than moving and paying an extra 150k for an extra bedroom and a drive! xx

  4. Very honest post and I think so many of us can relate to this ! I feel the same , a lot of space is taken by clutter both in life and house , it's difficult to get rid of but when we do , we feel the freedom x

  5. I look forward to seeing and reading about the renovations as they happen xxx