Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Less But Better // Recent Purchases

Living with less doesn't mean going without. Nowadays I generally don't buy much for myself though because I don't really feel the need unless it's something I can really use! 
When i'm shopping now I tend to buy from my favourite brands. If it's something like skincare or cosmetics, I'll bulk buy my favourite products now so that my shopping trips are less frequent in the future. So far it's going great! I've had to top up on a few bits recently so I thought I'd share a few recent purchases....

B Skincare (website)
It's no secret that I have the most ridiculously sensitive skin and I fell in love with B Skincare moisturisers after purchasing some in Boscastle a few years ago. They smell divine and are so good for my face! 
B Skincare are a small family business based in the heart of Cornwall and their tagline is "handmade & natural". I'm not a fan of using chemicals on my skin and these products are perfect with no nasties inside whatsoever. Their products are made completely from scratch, they smell so fresh and are an absolute delight to use. 
The face oil is a more recent addition to my skincare routine, this one smells ridiculously delicious and is just perfect for using before bed.  

Trevarno (website)
I've written about my love for these soaps quite a few times before, including here and here. I can't get enough of them and you'd have a damn hard time trying to persuade me to use anything else.... They really are the best! Trevarno are another Cornish company and their products remind me so much of holidays down there! This lot should last me another year or so. I also picked up a few little tester products (moisturisers and a facial oil) which will be great for nights away. 

Herschel Supply Co. (website)
Finally, If you know me, you'll know I don't 'do' handbags. I've dabbled with owning one a few times but I just don't get on with them and much prefer a good backpack, especially now I have a super active toddler! 
I purchased my first Herschel backpack a few years ago, a classic design in elephant grey. It's taken some battering and honestly, I've used it every single day since I bought it. It's been on numerous holidays and housed all Miss E's day-to-day paraphernalia since she arrived! It's become a part of my uniform and the practical, clean design is something I really do love. 

I've been looking to replace my grey Herschel for a while now (I've worn holes in it!) and recently I fell in love with the black Settlement backpack after seeing it in my local Urban Outfitters. I'll admit, it wasn't long before I placed an order for one. 
It's the absolute perfect size and completely unfussy. I love the gold zips, brown leather trim and addition of a laptop pocket at the back which will be awesome for toddler stuff (nappies, snacks, etc!). It has the signature durability I've come to expect from Herschel, it's a little bit marvellous!

What have you been buying recently? & do you bulk buy your favourite beauty products too? Let me know in a comment!


  1. ooh lots of brands I haven't used before. The B skincare sounds great as my skin is sensitive too x

  2. Some good buys you've got there! I'm trying to save at the moment, so am not really spending money on myself either, it's so hard to restrict yourself sometimes..

  3. Will definitely be checking out B skincare, the Enriched moisturiser sounds lovely! xo