Sunday, 5 July 2015

In Photos // A day by the sea

On Friday we spent the day in Hornsea, a small seaside resort in East Yorkshire. My husband spent a lot of time in Hornsea when he was growing up and he's quite fond of the place whereas I've only visited a few times before so it's somewhere quite new for me (I'm a west coast girl through and through!).

The weather was ridiculously warm and we had such a relaxing time on the beach paddling in shallow waters, building sandcastles for Miss E to demolish and enjoying a picnic complete with slightly sandy sandwiches! Later on we enjoyed obligatory ice creams and fish and chips before setting off home mid-evening. Such a lovely day! 


  1. So many BEAUTIFUL pictures that are making me long for the beach!

  2. Your photographs are just beautiful - what a lovely beach.


  3. great photos looks like a lovely family day out!!