Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Happy 21 months!

My baby girl has turned 21 months old. She's almost two and don't we know it! We've had a real mix of amazing and exhausting days this month for sure. Toddlerhood is firmly here, we've seen a lot of tears roll down those beautiful little cheeks these past few weeks and it's so upsetting to not be able to calm her down sometimes. It's a phase though, of course it's a phase.... it will pass soon! 

This month we've been to a theme park, the seaside, farms, playgrounds, had picnics and played outside as much as possible. She just loves getting out and seeing new things and she's at that age now where she can start to really interact with what's going on round her. She's super intelligent, strong-willed, cheeky, and so much fun to be around. As hard as the tantrums are, the good times are just so good! I take every last opportunity to cuddle her and tell her how much I love her. I just love how things are at the moment!

Here's what Miss E has been up to recently....

Sleep - Another really good month for sleep overall! We aim to get Miss E in bed for around 7:45pm each night but usually she won't actually fall asleep until 8:30-9:00pm and sleeps through until around 6:45am. She's had a few super early starts but we just adjust her nap accordingly so she's not too grumpy during the day!  

Doing - Another outdoorsy month, lots of playing in the garden and playng with her new sand table. She loved our trip to the seaside and has found new confidence at the playground. She's quite fond of climbing frames and loves slides though we're still working on the swings! Miss E takes every opportunity to practice running and loves scouring the garden for insects and birds. 
At home she loves colouring and painting, sticker books and baking. I'll often pick up those £1 baking kits for cupcakes or biscuits as they are easy enough for her mix the ingredients together and don't take long to cook! She loves decorating cakes and gets super excited when it's time to eat them!

Saying - Miss E is speaking so much at the moment! She's learning at least a few words each day. Today's new words are "pug" and "cake".... she's our girl for sure!
She's very keen to learn as much as possible and knows her body parts, colours, some letters and numbers! 

Eating - Favourite foods this month are grapes, sweetcorn, chicken, sausage, spaghetti and ice cream! She no longer has her evening bottle of milk but instead drinks it from a cup with a straw.... she loves her milk!

Likes - Saying "NO!" to every question we ask her, dancing, watching Minnie Mouse, playing with trains and cars, mud, water and sand, walking the dog, colouring, reading books, being outside, feeding the ducks and carrying her collection of soft toys around the house. 

Dislikes - Getting her hair wet! 

Happy 21 months, my princess!


  1. Gorgeous! Sounds like she is one determined, happy young lady
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Happy 21 adorable lady <3 (imagine in 19 years times - 21 year old Emilia)
    You are in every way a beautiful family x x x