Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Review // Worlds Apart 'My First Deluxe ReadyBed'

I might have mentioned it once or twice but we're off to Disneyland in a few months, I'm so insanely excited but nervous at the same time as it will be Miss E's first time abroad. When we made the booking recently, I'll admit that a big worry of mine was where she would sleep whilst we are away. She's at that funny in-between stage at the moment where she's fully outgrown her travel cot (which she loves!) but the move to a hotel single bed would be a bit much for her!

I asked around on twitter and I was pointed in the direction to the amazing range of ReadyBeds from Worlds Apart. At first glance it looked like these would be the solution to my worries! A brilliant all-in-one solution for holidays and sleepovers consisting of pillow, inflatable mattress and duvet. We were absolutely thrilled to receive one to try out well in advance of our holiday*. Plenty of time for Miss E to get used to it!

There are so many designs to choose from on the website including well loved TV characters such as Peppa Pig, Disney Princesses and Doc McStuffins. After much deliberating though, I opted for the "My First Deluxe ReadyBed" which is the high spec version of the product complete with integral soft 100% cotton waffle cover and extra depth mattress as I want my little lady to be as cosy as possible!

The ReadyBed arrived within a few days and I was so impressed at by how small the box was! The deflated bed rolls up into it's own little bag complete with handy carry handle which will make easy work of  transporting the bed. The instructions are super simple to follow too though it's all very self-explanatory. It's just a case of laying it out flat and inserting the pump into the nozzle at the back of the bed.

The battery operated pump is amazing but I must point out though that batteries are not included so make sure you stock up on them before you go off on holiday! Once the pump is inserted and switched on it literally takes about a minute to fully inflate the bed. As it's an all in one product, once you've inflated it you're ready to go!

As we've used the bed quite a few times now, I wanted to share my first thoughts on it!

Miss E is one of those kids who will only nap in her cot or sometimes maybe in her stroller if we're having a day out and she's absolutely exhausted. I was a little nervous about how she'd react to the ReadyBed but once we had inflated it for the first time in our bedroom, she seemed to know exactly what it was and climbed right in!

Over the next day we made sure we told her that it was a bed and that it was a place to relax and get cosy. Imagine our surprise the following day when she climbed in, tucked herself in with the duvet and promptly took her nap in it! I was absolutely thrilled that she felt comfortable enough to sleep somewhere so different. She's actually taken quite a few naps in there now and I couldn't be happier!

I think she loves being able to get in and out of it herself and as the duvet is mostly attached to the bed, she's in no danger of losing covers whilst she's asleep and getting cold. She's also quite fond of grabbing a book or two to read whilst she's in there and often will wake up from a nap pointing out all the little pictures from the story print scene that lines the mattress of the bed.

I'm a huge fan of the deep bed head that wraps around the sides which will no doubt prevent tumbles in the night. It also provides a nice little space for Miss E to have her favourite pillow (a standard cot bed pillow from The White Company) which fits within the space absolutely perfectly.
I'm also surprised by how sturdy the bed is, especially as it's super lightweight and obviously filled with air! Miss E is quite a fussy sleeper and moves around a lot but we've pushed one side up against the wall and the bed seems to stay put with ease.

The duvet cover is a soft and cosy 100% cotton waffle fabric. It's just right for summer but I imagine it will need an extra blanket when the weather gets colder. We're going away mid autumn so I'll be packing a little something extra to keep Miss E warm at night!
In addition, the whole cover is also easily removed should you need to wash it and comes with a handy safety zip to ensure child safety. The zip can easily be undone with a paper-clip or a bobby pin. I've not had to wash it as of yet but this is a super thoughtful feature!

We've been using the ReadyBed once every so often to get Miss E used to it and keep it as a special treat. She really looks forward to her naps in there now and has asked to sleep in it a few times!

Amazingly, the bed is just as easy to deflate as it is to put up. Just unscrew the valve at the back and push the flap in so all the air escapes. Once it is flat it's just a case of rolling it up into it's own bag which has it's own velcro fastening and carry handle. It's so perfect for travelling!

I'm so thrilled to have been given the chance to try out the ReadyBed. It's really put my mind at ease when it comes to thoughts of where (and if!) Miss E will sleep when we are on holiday. I can't wait to take it with us and try it out at night. It's also going to be great at Christmas or on sleepovers, I love how portable it is and it's just so easy to use!
I promise to write up an update once we've used the ReadyBed at night and let you know how we've got on!

You can find out more about the huge range of ReadyBeds by visiting the Worlds Apart website. They even do adult sized ones which would be amazing for festivals and camping trips! This particular ReadyBed can be purchased from JoJo Maman Bebe, just follow this link here to be taken to the page!

* I was sent this product to try out but all words are my own.


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