Thursday, 18 June 2015

Living With Less // Change

Less is more. A saying that has recently become so close to my heart. My mission to de-clutter our house has evolved into a complete lifestyle change and I'm really, really enjoying it! Of course, I still have a long way to go but honestly, I'm in no rush. Taking my time helps me to evaluate what is important and not make any hasty decisions that I might later regret!

I've been making a few notes on some of the super positive changes that I have seen in my life now that we live with less. Honestly, these are all true. I wanted to share some of these changes on my blog, if only to inspire me to keep going!

Here we go....

Confidence.  To do what I want, to follow my own rules, to discover who I am (as a mum too!).

The realisation that my worth is more than my possessions. More than the house I live in, the car we own, the job I have, the things I own & the clothes I wear.

The understanding that living with less doesn't mean going without. It's getting that balance, keeping hold of and elevating what is important! 

Less stress. Less anxiety (a big one for me). 

Spending time with people who matter. 

More energy. More time. 

Abilitiy to get shit done, fuss free(!).   

New interests. New direction. 

Renewed enthusiasm for live music and for my music collection (my passion!)

Doing new things. Visiting new places.


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