Monday, 8 June 2015

Happy 20 Months!

Another month, another update! I previously said that I'll keep writing these monthly updates until Miss E's 2nd birthday which now seems to be approaching us at such speed. Having a 2 year old is such an overwhelming but exciting thought!
Miss E has grown so much over the past few weeks. I absolutely love her kind temperament and willingness to try new things. Her sense of humour never fails to make us smile and her personality shines that little bit brighter each day. Her love for the outdoors is something that I hope she'll keep always and her fondness for all creatures is just enchanting!

Here's what she's been up to...

Sleep - Currently Miss E won't fall asleep any earlier than 8:30-9.00pm (because of the light evenings I assume!) but once asleep she'll mostly sleep through until around 6:30am. She's generally very settled about sleep and will now ask to go to bed when she's ready for a nap which is lovely!

Doing - Once again Miss E loves being outdoors and we've had some lovely weather recently meaning we can spent almost all day outside or in the garden. She loves her animals, birds and insects too and loves spotting them whenever we're out.
At home, Miss E loves being creative. She particularly enjoys anything arty whether it's crayons and paper, sticker books or finger painting. She's also super helpful and will do certain things if you ask her such as putting rubbish in the bin or finding her shoes!

Saying - We've seen a super leap in Miss E's speech over the last few weeks. She's added so many words to her vocabulary such as dog, bee, stuck, gone, bed, etc! She's also started putting simple words together like "bye bye dog" and "hair bow"! 

Eating - A particularly fussy month! She's gone off all her favourites and won't touch fruit apart from bananas which absolutely can't be eaten at home, only in her pram! Breakfast is probably her best meal at the moment, lunch and dinner are often picked at or left. To remedy this i'm trying to involve her more with making food and asking what she wants to eat so we'll see how this goes!

Likes - dancing, doing the splits, watching Minnie Mouse, trains and cars, looking after her soft toys, gardening, helping mummy, walking the dog, shape sorting and stacking, reading books (especially if they have animals in) and watering the garden.

Dislikes - Walking further than the end of the road if she realises we're not doing anything fun like going to the park (she demands to go in the pram after this!).

Happy 20 months, my princess!

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