Monday, 22 June 2015

Days Out // Sundown Adventureland

On Friday we decided to go on a completely impromptu day trip to Sundown Adventureland, a unique theme park near Retford exclusively designed for children under 10 years old. Sundown is somewhere I've not visited since I was little but I do remember it fondly so it was great to visit it again and see how it has changed!

We had a really wonderful day out and it was lovely to take Miss E to a theme park where we didn't have to worry about ride height restrictions or over enthusiastic teenagers or adults!
The weather was a bit grey and chilly but it didn't stop us having fun. We spent the day going at Miss E's pace, letting her choose what she wanted to do and not rushing to see everything before we left (there's so much to do!).

The theming of Sundown is bonkers to say the least, but this is absolutely perfect for children's imaginations! From those famous monkey swings to an Angry Birds themed outdoor park, there really is a bit of everything. We loved the 'Lollipoppet Castle' which features a puppet show, bubbles that are pumped into the sky, crazy music and heaps of little buildings to explore, all of which are scented like different sweets!

As well as seemingly countless playgrounds and soft play centres, there are numerous rides for children to enjoy too. I'm pretty sure that Miss E's favourite was the 'Santa's Sleigh Ride' (just right for June, eh?!) which was complete with countless Christmas trees, dancing snowmen and more tinsel than you could shake a stick at. Not gonna lie, we went on that ride quite a few times!

Miss E had such a fun day that I'm sure it won't be long before we take her for another trip soon! Here are a few photos and a little video from our day....  



  1. Wow! Now this was a blast from the past! My mom and Aunty used to being my cousin and eye here all the time when we were Emelia's age! Well...maybe a little older! It's changed so much, but I'm so happy to see they still have the pet shop as one of their attractions! That's the place I remember most, pressing all of the buttons to get the animals to make noise! x

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