Friday, 22 May 2015

I love you, Miss Elsie! // #PawHumour

I've had many pets throughout my life, I just love sharing my life with them and watching them become part of the family. Our pug Elsie is the dog I have always wanted. I'm so glad I waited to get her.... she came into our lives at just the right time. She's the most incredible, stubborn, funny and beautiful little dog I have ever met. I love her to bits! 

It goes without saying that your furry friends should be protected with insurance, it's just so important. It's been amazing for us the few times we have had to make those dreaded visits to the vets for treatment! 
The RSPCA are working with MORE TH>N insurance to provide UK pet owners with a range of insurances to suit their needs and budgets. We currently insure Elsie with MORE TH>N and have done for the past few years but it's great to know that if you have more than one dog (or cats too!) they can cover them all in one single policy and you'd be also eligible to receive a 10% Multipet discount.

Insuring your pets with MORE TH>N not only protects your furry friends but also helps the RSPCA protect less fortunate animals throughout the country too, because for each policy sold, £20 will be donated to the RSPCA for the care of unwanted and neglected animals in England and Wales. Amazing! You can read more about it all and get a quote by clicking on the pet insurance page here.

To celebrate the partnership of MORE TH>N and the RSPCA they have set up the #PawHumour campaign over on twitter sharing people's best (or worst!) animal-related stories. It's been great reading through them all! 
It's no secret that pugs are the clowns of the dog world and Elsie certainly lives up to this reputation by keeping us entertained every single day. Here are some of the things she does that make me chuckle and feel so very lucky to have her in our lives....

The infamous 'pug run' (youtube it, seriously), bum tucked under and running as fast as she can around the house or when she meets another dog that she likes. Other dog owners always look at her like 'wtf is that dog doing?!'

Always insisting on sleeping in our bed at night - never at the bottom though, always wedged between someone's legs or with her bum in our faces.

Taking herself to bed for naps throughout the day at the exact same times each day. To the minute. Like, how can she tell the time? Clever girl!

Rolling onto her back every time you pass her and tucking her paws up so you can give her tummy tickles.

Farting like an absolute pro. Especially when you're in a shop or a cafe with her. So blummin' embarrassing! 

Snoring. Pugs are the worst for this, am I right?!

Enjoying occasionally being dressed up a little (maybe on Christmas day or at a dog show!). She loves the fuss she gets and almost prances when she's wearing a little jumper as if to say 'look at me, everyone! I'm so cute!'.

Halloween 2014

Trying to eat everything when our backs are turned. Like Babybel cheese with the wrapper still on, entire pots of yogurt that she's fished from the table, wax crayons, or that time she ate an entire scented candle (pine forest breath for weeks!).

Barking at completely random things on the television such as Jeremy Kyle or a satsuma or an advert for bread(?!).

Insisting on hanging out of the car window when we travel (someone holds onto her, don't worry!).

Welcoming her human sister Miss E so beautifully. Forever patient and gentle, always in her shadow. I'm absolutely in awe at how their relationship is developing, it's amazing!

Does your pet have some funny quirks? and did you know about the partnership between the RSPCA and MORE TH>N insurance? Let me know in a comment!

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