Friday, 8 May 2015

Happy 19 Months!

Another month, another update! Miss E's at such a lovely stage at the moment. She's really so interested in everything and she's always keen to make us laugh. I really do love her at this age, everything is so magical to her and she's just the best fun to be around!

Here's what she's been up to this month....

Sleep - We've had a fair few super early starts this month but the last few days we've had some amazing and much more respectable 7am starts too! Miss E mostly sleeps through and is no trouble getting ready for bed!
At bedtime, Miss E currently loves sitting on our knee for a cuddle and reading books together. She loves pointing out the animals on the pages and she gets so cosy on us that it's become my absolute favourite part of the day. She loves the Belle and Boo stories at the moment and "I love you, Sleepyhead" by Claire Freedman.

Doing - Again, Miss E loves being outdoors. This month, we've spent a lot of time in the garden, visiting local farms or having long walks to the park. Her walking is so good at the moment that I'm often tempted to leave the pushchair at home.When Ben is here to help out, sometimes we don't take the pram at all and take it in turns to carry her when she get's tired! 

Saying - "Wowwww". All day, at everything! I don't know where she got this from but it's so cute! Also "broken", "pipe", "clock" and "star"..... the words she's learning at the moment are just so random!

Eating - This month we dropped her milk so she only drinks from a cup during mealtimes now and her appetite is so good now! She loves her snacks and bananas are her favourite fruit. She also loves cheese scones, pasta, beans, bolognese, rice, apples, raisins and cucumber. She'll quite happily try anything though!

Likes -  Sticker books, dancing, colouring, walking the dog, dancing, stacking and shape sorting toys, reading books, bath time, toy trains, gardening, helping with the washing or putting things in the bin (even if it's not rubbish!), being outside, smelling flowers.

Dislikes - Being told no!

Happy 19 months, my princess! 

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