Monday, 20 April 2015

Money Saving from December to April....

It's been a while, hasn't it?! I think I've been putting off this update because we haven't really been super active in money saving these past few months. We did get carried away with spending at Christmas and the cold winter has seen us having the heating on far more than we'd usually like for example. We have maintained our spending quite nicely though and we're busy making some nice plans for the future. Onwards and upwards, yes?! 

Here's a small update on some of the things we have done during the past few months to save a few pennies.... 

The mortgage. After we made two 10% one-off payments last year, our current monthly repayment is well under average now. I am super thrilled about this and is really inspiring me to continue with the overpayments if we can! It means that we'll be able to move house now if we want or maybe save up for those pesky jobs that need doings around the house to make it more liveable and safe!

Savings. Recently we opened a savings account (trust fund!) for Miss E. I'm really determined that our little lady is looked after and has a bit of freedom when she's older. This is a great way of ensuring that she gets that!

Broadband and phone. Finally free from the clutches of EE when we swapped to Sky for our home broadband recently. Much cheaper and so far, we're finding them to be a lot friendlier. Bills are much easier to understand too which is great! 
My brother sold me his old iPhone 5s recently and I've taken on his old contract. My monthly bill is super low as our provider did us a renewal deal with a bit of money so i'm pleased that's sorted for the next 12 months.

eBay. Upping my eBay game as I still have plenty to get rid of. Coming up soon I have bulky baby items we don't want to keep any longer (things that never got used with Miss E!) and my wedding dress..... eek! Really hoping to make quite a bit of money from these. 

Sealed jars. I currently have a couple of sealed jars on the go and I'm just clearing out my purse every week or so, getting rid of loose coins. I'll be cashing these in every time they are filled. 

Not buying 'stuff'. This is key, isn't it?! Whilst I'm busy clearing stuff out via eBay, etc.... i've been really strict about not letting anything back in. I honestly can't remember the last time I bought anything for myself (apart from essentials & clothes!) and this alone is saving us so much. No more frivolous perfume, candle or magazine purchases. 

Considered purchasing. I'll always maintain that money saving does not go hand in hand with buying cheap. Good quality, well made products will last longer and in my experience they maintain their resale value when you need to buy new. We've had to make a few household purchases recently (including new laptop, kitchen bin, etc!) and we've gone for the best that we can afford rather than the cheapest. 

Surveys & Cashback. Still using various websites to claim cashback and claim vouchers from filling in surveys online. I'm quite the fan of Valued Opinions as it doesn't take long to reach the threshold for a Topshop voucher! 

Attraction vouchers. Planned well for our upcoming holiday by cashing in Tesco vouchers for attraction vouchers meaning we won't have to worry about entrance fees whilst we're away!

Library ebooks. Found out recently that our local library lets you borrow ebooks and an amazing range of magazines for free. Country Living and Ideal Home, here I come!

I'd love to here what you've been up to recently if you're on a similar journey. Maybe you have some money saving tips you'd like to share with me too! Leave a comment below and let me know!


  1. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before or if I'm repeating myself but have you tried selling in Facebook selling groups? I've currently been offloading so much stuff through them and it's so much easier and fuss free than eBay!

    Victoria x

  2. Can you let us know your eBay account so we can please check out your goodies? ☺️