Thursday, 9 April 2015

Happy 18 Months!

All of a sudden my baby girl is a 1.5 year old bundle of energy, keen to explore and try new things. I think this has been my favourite month so far. She's so much fun to be around and she has the cheekiest sense of humour, always trying to make us laugh!

Here is what Miss E has been up to this month.....

Sleep - Miss E has been sleeping really well recently, I'm so pleased with how well she has been doing. Her naps can be so varied but the vast majority of the time now she'll just have one long afternoon nap and then bedtime around 7:45-8.00 pm. Sometimes she won't nap at all during the day so I've been trying to just roll with it and we'll snuggle down and watch tv or something else that's quite relaxing for her!

Doing - Miss E loves being outdoors and loves seeing animals. She really enjoyed her holiday in Wales last month, it was the first time she had been on a beach since she started walking confidently and she really loved the sand and wide open spaces. I'm really looking forwards to getting her back to the seaside next month, I'm counting down the days!
At home she loves playing in the garden, digging in the soil and smelling the flowers. She loves being creative and is a huge fan of stickers and colouring!

Saying - Miss E definitely has her own language at the moment. She loves making dinosaur noises and roaring whenever she sees a lion in a book or on the TV! She's also quite fond of saying that everything is 'broke(n)'. She'll drop things and then shout "UH OH, BROKE!"..... very cute until you realise she's throwing her meal bit by bit from the dining table! haha!

Eating - We've cut back her milk intake this month as she went through a phase of not eating anything, picking at meals then waking up very early due to hunger. This has helped so much and she's really into her food again. She's very fond of peas and sweetcorn, babybel cheese, bananas, pasta and rice. Still can't get her to eat meat but we keep trying!

Likes - Shape sorters, Elsie, dancing, stickers, watching In The Night Garden, colouring, crafting, peekaboo, gardening, riding her trike, tummy tickles, train sets, dinosaurs, gardening, helping mummy with the washing and bath time. 

Dislikes - eating out in cafes!

Happy 18 months, my princess!

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