Wednesday, 15 April 2015

10,918 memories

I've been a member of flickr since 2005. 10 years. A third of my life. I routinely paid for a pro subscription at the beginning of every year and publicly documented so many occasions and aspects of our life.... our engagement, our wedding, pets, concerts, holidays, events such as bringing Elsie home and of course, the birth of our daughter. 

Since our simple life journey began last year, we have cleared out so much stuff from our home and seeing the benefits of this has really pushed me to challenge all aspects of my life. Virtual clutter is a big one for me. Inboxes, various shopping accounts and social media are currently in my firing line.

I've debated deleting my flickr account for a couple of years now. Uploading had become a real burden and I no longer enjoyed sharing my photographs there. Yesterday I went ahead and finally did it.... 10,918 memories wiped from the internet at the click of a button. 
I'll not lie, it was emotional. Crazy, huh? All my photos are backed up in multiple places offline so deleting the photos wasn't an issue. It just felt like a really big deal to me. At the same time though it was a journey that had most definitely reached the end of the road. 

I can tell you that already it feels so good to not have that pressure (from myself) to keep it updated, to leave no gaps in our virtual timeline. It's gone and I think it might just change our life. 
I want to be conscious of how many places I am uploading images of Miss E to. Heck, I might even want to go on holiday and not feel like I have to permanently have my camera out. I want to have new and exciting experiences and it's time to move on. I feel quite excited about that!  


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  1. Oh, that must have been really hard. I'm still using Flickr - but only just. It seems to have lost sonething over the years - not sure if anyone really uses it anymore? Lizzie x