Thursday, 26 March 2015

What's on my bedside table - The minimal edition

Bedside tables are surely one of the biggest clutter magnets in the home, am I right?! I'm super militant about keeping mine clean and clear. It's really easy to let things pile up bedside your bed and I truly believe that keeping your sleeping space clutter free will result in a better nights sleep.

I've seen 'what's on my bedside table' posts floating around for a while now so today i'd like to share what I keep on my side of the bed!

Our actual bedside tables are super cheap Ikea Hemnes ones in white. We bought them along with a bunch of other cheap furniture when we first moved in and it was always our aim to replace with good quality, long lasting furniture further down the line when we could afford it. They are lasting us pretty well though, i'm surprised by how sturdy they are so we'll be keeping them for a bit longer! 

The one and only thing I keep on my bedside table is my Cath Kidston limited edition Roberts Radio. If you know me then you'll know music is my thing so it's super important that I have access to it in every room of the house. I really love the design of the radio and it's useful in that it has iPod connectivity too.

The bedside table has one slim drawer and here is what I keep inside it....

.... a small Orla Kiely box housing hair stuff (bobby pins/hair bobbles) and a pot of my favourite hand cream, "Helping Hands" by Lush. Being a mum to a toddler means I am forever washing things and my hands get dry so it's nice to keep this available to use just before bed. 

I literally keep nothing else in my drawer and the the shelf below is always kept clear! 

So, that's my bedside table! What do you keep on yours?


  1. I love it, because it's not cluttered and it's nicely set, the colours of the radio stand out really nicely against the bedside table and I definitely need to practice this de-cluttering myself and have less around me because it looks so much more zen and comfortable. - Tasha

  2. Your radio is gorgeous! xo

  3. WOW that is very minimal!!!! I keep thinking about doing one of these style posts.

    Victoria x