Saturday, 7 March 2015

Happy 17 Months!

We've had a busy few weeks but I didn't want to miss out writing Miss E's 17 month update so whilst she takes her nap, i'm going to jot down her main things this month very quickly!

Sleep - Much, much better! Last month I wrote about Miss E's teething/illness induced bad moods and general refusal to sleep/nap and this seemed to peak after a week into this month. All of a sudden this all stopped and she slipped back into sleeping, napping and amazingly if she has an early start then she'll usually take a morning nap again without much fuss. Long may this continue! 

Doing - Miss E absolutely loves walking again this month, she's very social and loves being outside. We never spend a day indoors (i've never been the type to do that anyway!) and she loves going to the park or seeing all the animals at the local farm. I really loves that she loves animals so much and holding Elsie's lead is something she insists on when we go out!
At home, Miss E loves helping mummy whether it's fetching clothes from the washing machine or helping sweep up. She's also rather fond of a bit of rough and tumble play and loves tummy tickles! 
Saying - Miss E is very vocal, it's lovely! One of her favourite things to do is to sit with us and point things out in books so we can tell her what they are. She loves 'birds', 'flowers' and 'worms' (Mr Men books are full of them!). Her favourite word at the moment is 'papaye'.... we're still trying to work out what it means but my bets are on 'peppa (pig)' because she says it to anything pink!

Eating - Miss E is still very fond of pasta, fruit, berries, rice, peas, sweetcorn, crumpets, etc. This month also she's eaten egg a few times and a bit of meat (normally she won't touch either!), yay! 

Likes - Reading books with us, tucking her toys in to bed, cuddles, being outside, animals (especially chickens and pigeons!), going to the park, playing in the garden (this girl loves worms and mud!), dancing to music, twirling around until she's dizzy, bath time, cuddles.

Dislikes - Sitting down at the table to eat, she'd currently much rather eat on the go!

Happy 17 months, my princess!

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  1. This is a lovely age when they are learning
    Julie xxxxxx