Monday, 30 March 2015

Dining in with Mr Flavour

Once upon a time during our pre-baby life, we ate out all the time. I'm not even kidding, I very much doubt there are many restaurants or cafes left in Sheffield or the Peak District that we haven't tried. And when we didn't eat out, we had takeaway. I live slap bang in between the two best roads in this city for food so finding something awesome for tea is never hard.
When Miss E came along however, we predictably soon found ourselves with a lack of funds and a lack of energy. This resulted in our passion for dining out soon becoming more of a treat than a regular thing..... probably rightly so, though!

When I found out about about 'Mr Flavour' recently, I knew it was something that I had to try out. Mr Flavour is a brand new business in Sheffield which describes itself as 'the restaurant that comes to you!'. I was keen to see if the food delivered would have that wonderful restaurant style quality (and make me feel like i'm dining out, even if i'm sat in my pj's at the dinner table! #tiredmummyproblems). 

The meal for two that we were presented with was the "pressed shoulder of lamb with rosemary crushed potatoes, confit garlic & aubergine puree, sauteed courgettes and grape chutney". It was delivered to our house on Saturday afternoon in a takeaway style bag which held all the components for the meal along with a sheet of super simple instructions. 

Inside the bag all of the components for the meal are freshly pre-prepared and vacuum packed with clear labels and use-by dates.... 

Once Miss E was in bed, we cracked open a bottle of something fizzy and got to work on putting the meal together. I can't fault the instruction sheet provided and the equipment needed for the meal was so minimal that there was hardly any washing up afterwards. I was also very impressed that once our oven had pre-heated, the meal was ready to serve within 20 minutes.

We very rarely cook meat at home so i'll admit that having lamb was quite a treat! The smell of it cooking was incredible and I was so excited to see how it would turn out. 

The back of the instruction sheet gave some superb tips on how to arrange the meal beautifully but I really don't think that food presentation is included in my set of top skills so I chose to bypass that and plonk it all on the plate ready to be enjoyed!   


I was impressed that the meal was so easy to put together that I was dubious if it would actually taste any good. But I was wrong, it was absolutely stunning and the portion size was fantastic. The lamb was divine, so tender and an absolute dream to eat when paired with the garlic and aubergine puree and the grape chutney. The vegetables were equally delightful and complemented the meat magnificently. 

We really enjoyed the meal and I wouldn't hesitate to order again. The quality and freshness of the ingredients were incredible and the process of putting the meal together was really quite enjoyable. It offered us something a little different to our usual takeaway meals but at the same time provided a novice cook like me with the means to make a gorgeous meal in less than half an hour. It's a perfect treat for busy people (or knackered mums like me!) and I imagine that it would be equally enjoyed by more experienced cooks and foodies too!

In addition to a changing menu that offers a restaurant style dish along with a more rustic dish, you'll also find a range of many more staple products from 'Mr Flavour's Larder' including sauces, purees and dressings. 
Everything on the menu is surprisingly really well priced. I was really surprised when I found out that the meal we had was priced at £8 per head. I'd willingly pay more for a meal like this and really did expect that the price would be higher! 

Mr Flavour is initially delivering to the following postcodes across Sheffield - S7, S8, S10, S11, S17 & S18. For more information and details on how to order, please hop over to twitter.

Disclaimer: I was sent the meal in exchange for this review, all words are my own.

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